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Tips to help you use your food in a nutritious and healthy manner


Tips to help you use your food in a nutritious and healthy manner:

  1. Do you want to increase iron absorption and prevent anaemia?
    When you are eating a good source of iron like green leafy vegetables, whole grains squeeze lime over the food. Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron.
  1. Do not drink tea just after meals because it affects the absorption of iron. Do not have tea an hour before or after meals.
  2. Fill up your spice box. Spices are great sources of bioactive compounds which have great therapeutic value.
  3. Do you have gas and bloating problems after eating whole legumes?
    Soak whole legumes in water overnight throw the water and with it go most of the oligosaccharides which cause gas issues and bloating problems. It does not affect nutrients much. If the problem still exists, introduce legumes slowly, increase amounts slowly so that your system gets used to the fibre in whole legumes.
  1. B Vitamins are present in outer layers of grains, try to consume more whole grains and do not polish grains much.
  2. Are you fond of sprouts and eat regularly?
    Maintain utmost hygiene while sprouting grains. Because sprouts are a great medium for fungi too. While eating outside unless you are sure of the place hygienic conditions avoid salads and sandwiches in which sprouts are used.
  3. Getting micronutrients from a balanced diet is much better than from supplements. Talk to your doctor before you start taking supplements. A lot of people use various supplements containing the same nutrients. You do not want to take them in excess.
  4. Do not skip breakfast as it fuels our body after 8 to 10 hours of break.
  5. Always eat fruits rather than drink juice. Fruits have more fibre compared to juices.
  6. Do not reuse oil. It is unhealthy. Deep fry in a small quantity of oil, it will take time but it is worth it.
  7. No one oil is perfect. Always use a variety of oils or blends so that you get benefits from all of them.
  8. Try to get protein from various sources legumes, soy, oilseeds, nuts, milk, eggs, meat, etc.
  9. Limit alcohol intake or even better avoid completely. Though it gives calories, there are too many side effects for it to be counted as a nutrient.
  10. Curd is a probiotic. It helps to increase the good bacteria in the gut. Probiotics help in maintaining gut health.
  11. Buy whole-wheat bread, not brown bread. Check the label on the package. Because most of the time brown bread is nothing but caramelized sugar added to get the brown colour.
  12. Always chop vegetables into big pieces so that surface area is less which makes the nutrient lossless. Finely chopped veggies are gorgeous to look at but the nutrient loss is more. Unless the recipe demands do not chop vegetables finely.
  13. Wash and chop veggies, not chop and wash.
  14. If you are suspicious that the food stored in the fridge has gone bad do not take the risk of tasting to check if it is spoilt. Just throw into the trash can. Food poisoning can be troublesome.
  15. While buying products at the supermarket check the date of manufacture. Make it a habit of reading food labels.
  16. Learn more about nutrition and make informed food choices.

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