8 Black Pepper Medicinal Uses - 24 Mantra Organic

8 Black Pepper Medicinal Uses - 24 Mantra Organic


Want To Be Healthy? Check Out These 8 Black Pepper Medicinal Uses

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Unless you are someone who cooks regularly, you might only notice black pepper on a restaurant table, sharing space with salt.

You might be under the impression that black pepper is only used as a seasoning to spice up bland food. But that is a huge misconception. Black pepper is one of the many spices that are used to flavour the innumerable dishes of Indian cuisine.

The ever-popular garam masala will lack its distinct taste if you remove black pepper from the mix.
There are so many recipes in which black pepper shines as the hero; all other ingredients play a supporting role.

But are you aware that black pepper has medicinal uses as well?

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List Of Amazing Black Pepper Medicinal Uses

1. Aids in Digestion

Indigestion happens when the food you consume is not being digested properly. Any disruption of the digestion process leads to pain and discomfort. Hydrochloric acid in the gut is essential for digestion. Raw black peppercorns encourage the body to release hydrochloric acid, which helps in breaking up the food in the stomach. A simple remedy to relieve gas and prevent indigestion is to drink milk spiced with black pepper.

2. Helps Against Sore Throats and Coughs

In case of sore throats and coughs, rather than any over-the-top medication, you can try a few simple home remedies. The best home cure for sore throat is to sip on a glass of hot milk spiced with turmeric and black pepper. The curcumin in turmeric works best when it is accompanied by the piperine in black pepper. The spiciness of the black peppercorns is surprisingly effective in removing nasal congestion and providing relief.

3. Helps Maintain Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the leading causes of death as it increases the risk of heart diseases and stroke. One of the main reasons for the increase in pressure can be traced to an unhealthy lifestyle which includes unhealthy food and lack of exercise. The compound piperine found in black pepper is extremely useful in lowering blood pressure. Adding pepper to your meals, while reducing the amount of salt is a great way to keep your blood pressure reading at normal levels.

4. Helps in Detox

An excess of toxins in your body could lead to slow degeneration in the functioning of the liver. The liver is an essential organ which helps in removing harmful toxins from your body. Toxins get stored in the blood vessels and other cells in your body. If these accumulate, then over time, it could lead to cancer or other serious illnesses. The spiciness of black pepper causes you to sweat, and this allows the toxins a safe passage out of your body. Adding a pinch or two of freshly ground black pepper helps in keeping your body relatively free from toxins, without having to resort to any exotic detox beverages.

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5. Helps Against Arthritis

One of the black pepper medicinal uses includes its use as an anti-inflammatory ingredient. Black pepper is surprisingly high in antioxidants. Due to arthritis, joints become inflamed, and that makes walking and even standing still painful. Including antioxidant-rich food in your diet helps in relieving the pain from inflammation and bringing it down to manageable levels. Piperine in pepper is an excellent supporter to absorb the effects of turmeric, which helps fight inflammation.

6. Helps in Maintaining Skin Health

Faces which are always exposed to the environment get the most exposure to dust and pollution. Use crushed black pepper in your face scrubs to exfoliate your skin and remove dead cells. The rough specks of pepper help stimulate the skin and get the blood flowing. The skin disease vitiligo causes white patches on the skin. Even with multiple medicines and ointments available in the market to treat the condition, using an organic brand of black pepper helps protect against skin pigmentation. Going organic ensures that there is sustainable living which safeguards the future for your children.

7. Helps Maintain Hair Health

Pollution and dust ruin the softness of hair and cause it to become rough and liable to break. Dandruff is usually caused by having a dry scalp. Black pepper has selenium and zinc, which helps in removing dandruff from the scalp. The black pepper medicinal uses include being an astringent. This stimulates healthy hair growth. Mix black pepper powder into a bowl of yoghurt. Apply the mixture into your hair, focusing more on the scalp and roots. Let the hair mask stay for at least 30 to 45 minutes, and then wash off with warm water.

8. Promotes Brain Health

The brain is the epicentre of the body. Any malfunction or wrinkle in the working of the brain could cause the organs of the body to function without any control. Serotonin, an enzyme in the brain, controls the brain’s response to emotions, fatigue, sleep hormones, and anxiety. Piperine in black pepper helps to regulate the production of serotonin and keep the emotions and hormones in check. One of the black pepper medicinal uses is as a mood regulator that helps in managing the effects of depression.

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The black pepper medicinal uses are surprisingly varied. Along with its use in maintaining gut health, regulating emotions, and even in the care of your skin and hair; black pepper can also be used in tooth-related problems for relieving pain.

When using store-bought black pepper, ensure that the stock is fresh. The black pepper medicinal uses will be effective only when black pepper is fresh. When in doubt about which brand to buy, always choose an organic brand.

Before trying out the black pepper medicinal uses, you must get an OK from your doctor – this is to ensure that you don’t undergo any side-effects to using black pepper for medicinal uses.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Black Pepper and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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