The Exclusive weight loss benefits of cinnamon - 24 Mantra organic

The Exclusive weight loss benefits of cinnamon - 24 Mantra organic


Weight Loss Benefits of Cinnamon: Does the Spice Help?

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According to research conducted by the University of Michigan Life Sciences, the unique component cinnamaldehyde found in cinnamon displays a unique impact on the metabolism of the human body. This elementary component found in cinnamon helps to improve the metabolic health of the body system. Since it directly acts upon the adipocytes, the fat cells of the human body, the weight loss benefits of cinnamon manifest due to the quicker burning of energy in the system.

Through more such studies, the use of dalchini powder for weight loss has been propagated for a decrease in weight and body mass index. A significant result can also be observed on body fat levels and the circumference of the waist. If you wish to reap the weight loss benefits of cinnamon, perhaps it is a good idea to choose organic cinnamon which is produced in a safe environment, without the use of any harmful chemicals and pesticides. This makes it highly beneficial for your health and keeps your children and family safe from the deterring effects of chemically produced crops.

Weight Loss Benefits Of Cinnamon: What Is So Great About This Spice?

If you have ever held a roll of cinnamon in your hands, you would know that it is full of aroma and flavours, when cooked with culinary delights. There was a time when the ancient Egyptians used cinnamon for the embalming process, making it far more expensive than silver during that era.

In due time, it was found that cinnamon possessed various medicinal properties, which could be harnessed for various health problems. On the front line of its benefits is its antimicrobial and anti parasitic effect which aids in healing and lends a hand of protection. Additionally, it also contains antioxidants which further provide various health benefits to the body.


Measuring The Impact Of Weight Loss Benefits Of Cinnamon

Here are some crucial findings of the typical weight loss benefits of cinnamon which have been attributed to many years of scientific findings and research:

  • Cinnamon contains a unique composition of elements which help to manage sensitivity to insulin and lower blood sugar levels. Each of these factors is believed to aid in weight loss.
  • Since your body works harder to process the spice, more energy is used up in the process to digest cinnamon, which can boost the metabolism.
  • Due to its high fibre content, cinnamon gives a feeling of fullness to your appetite which signals to your body that it is time for a break from meals.
  • Due to its peculiar flavour, cinnamon adds sweetness to your food, which may stop you from reaching out to refined forms of sugar.


Exciting Ways To Use Dalchini Powder For Weight Loss

All good spices have one or the other way to enter our meals. However, when you are focused on earning the weight loss benefits of cinnamon, you can use it in a variety of ways to enjoy a healthy meal. So here are some ways for you to use cinnamon in your meals on a daily basis:

  • If you are someone who enjoys consuming oats for your breakfast or other meals, you can simply add a pinch of cinnamon powder to your oatmeal and relish the strong flavours of the spice.
  • If you are someone who enjoys sipping on a cup of coffee, then you can add cinnamon powder to it for added flavour.
  • Another delicious way to enjoy cinnamon powder is to sprinkle it over your fruits, which is a nutritious way to make the most out of a meal.
  • Get creative with cinnamon by adding it over your creamy delights like a bowl of vanilla ice cream or yoghurt. The typical flavour of cinnamon will definitely amplify the experience of the sweet treats.
  • For weight loss benefits of cinnamon, you can consume a tea brewed with water and a small pinch of cinnamon powder. Allow it to boil for a few minutes before simmering and cooling. Drink before bed time to get the maximum benefit of this powerful drink. To make your tea even more flavourful, you can further add a few drops of lemon or honey to it.
  • Consuming fruit juices and vegetable juices is a good idea in your quest to lose weight. To make these juices more powerful in their action, you can add a pinch of cinnamon to them as it helps to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Is Cinnamon A Quick Fix For Your Weight Loss Journey?

When it comes to weight loss, you cannot expect any one thing to work miracles for you. You will have to be consistent with your effort to lose weight with an active lifestyle plus consumption of enough nutritious foods which help to keep your calorie intake under control. Items like cinnamon are a boost which can help to shed off the kilos faster with regular consumption but you better be regular with it else, its results may be overshadowed.

So, the idea behind the consumption of cinnamon should be less about seeking quick fixes and more about adding a power boost to your diet.

Conclusion: Are The Weight Loss Benefits Of Cinnamon Effective?

Given that cinnamon has several powerful components in it which offer a diverse number of benefits to the body, there is no reason why you cannot consume it regularly. The weight loss benefits of cinnamon are certainly promising and obtained best if you consume the organic variety of cinnamon in your routine. Also, it provides a bunch of benefits to the body and acts upon several other underlying issues as well. Organic cinnamon is so much more better for you, in terms of its taste, nutrition and sustainability for the planet. So, if you want to lose weight quicker, you can definitely consume cinnamon regularly.

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