What Are the Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods?

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Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that is a risk factor for developing a number of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

As the number of obese people increased worldwide, the number of people affected by complications arising because of obesity also increased.


Importance of diet in reducing weight

Diet plays a vital role in gaining or losing body weight. There are foods that make us put on weight and there are those that help reduce weight. Here are some foods that help lose weight which can be consumed as part of a balanced diet regularly.


Nutrient-dense foods

Consuming a diet which is not calorie or energy-dense will contribute towards the reduction of excessive weight. Plan and prepare a balanced diet which contains foods that are nutrient-dense, not energy-dense.

Fruits and veggies are nutrient dense sugary desserts and fizzy drinks are energy dense.

Protein-rich foods

Most of the weight loss diets contain a significant amount of protein. A high protein diet, when compared to a low protein diet, is associated with better weight maintenance.

Include lean meats, legumes and nuts in your diet.


Legumes and pulses are good sources of protein and help in weight management. The carbohydrate content is the most complex carbohydrate and the amount of fat is low.  Include them as part of your balanced diet.


Drink sufficient water in a day. Water keeps you hydrated, helps in not overeating and keeps you from drinking sugary drinks for quenching thirst.


Fruits are generally low in calories, good sources of vitamins and minerals, rich in dietary fiber and can become a part of your healthy balanced diet. And as bonus fruits contribute towards reducing body weight because of their fiber content.


Vegetables are good sources of vitamins, minerals and rich sources of dietary fiber. They also contain several phytonutrients which have antioxidant value. Because they have no fat and contain high amounts of dietary fiber they can contribute towards reducing weight.

Hence it is important to include veggies in your diet as they provide many health benefits.  

Whole grains

High fiber foods such as whole grains help in reducing weight. Dietary fiber helps in holding water and results in the feeling of satiety. High fibre-containing foods generally find a favourable place in a weight loss diet and they are good for gut health.

Milk and milk products

Milk and milk products have a positive effect on abdominal obesity, that is they contribute towards the reduction of waist circumference. Especially milk and curd which contain more water can easily be added to a weight loss diet.

Dairy products at the same time are good sources of calcium and vitamin D.


Study results pointed out that the substitution of almonds instead of a high carbohydrate snack may be a simple alteration in the diet to reduce central adiposity. Make almonds part of your balanced diet. Having a fistful of almonds as a snack is a healthy idea.

Green tea

Flavonoids and caffeine in green tea can help elevate metabolic rate, increase fat oxidation and even improve insulin activity. These properties may have a direct positive effect on weight loss.

Have a cup of green tea every day.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Foods containing omega 3 fatty acids contribute towards the reduction of abdominal fat and at the same time provide several health benefits.

Fish, flax seeds, chia seeds, soybean oil etc are good sources of omega 3 fatty acids.

Healthy snacking habits

In most cases, it is not the meals which are responsible for weight gain it is the energy-dense snacks between meals which contribute to putting on weight. Cookies, chips, pastries and so on are energy-dense.

Start replacing these with healthy foods such as fruits, salads, unsweetened yoghurt and a fistful of nuts.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds could be used as part of a strategy in a diet planned to reduce weight in overweight and obese people. We can add chia seeds to our smoothies, juices, yoghurt, oats and so on.

Since chia seeds are high in dietary fiber they absorb a lot of water, so eat carefully, otherwise choking may be an issue, always soak for 10 minutes and use.


Final word

These are some foods that are weight loss friendly. Incorporate these foods in your balanced diet on a regular basis and avail their weight-reducing properties.

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