Flexitarian Diet: All You Need To Know - 24 Mantra Organic

Flexitarian Diet: All You Need To Know - 24 Mantra Organic

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What Is Flexitarian Diet And How Does It Impact Your Health?

Health and Nutrition

A flexitarian diet is an eating pattern or regimen, rather, that mostly encourages the consumption of plant-based food products while also incorporating a few animal products or meat in moderation.

If you are looking for a diet plan that allows you to add more plant-based products while also giving the scope for meat or animal product consumption, the flexitarian diet might be suitable for you.


In this article, we will look at all the intricacies involved in adopting a flexitarian diet and the potential health benefits that can be entailed by opting for this diet. Let’s have a look at some health benefits of opting for a flexitarian diet plan.


Potential health benefits of a flexitarian diet

There are several health benefits of incorporating a flexitarian diet. Since a flexitarian diet incorporates the best of both worlds, individuals looking to strike a perfect nutritional balance will find a flexitarian diet very suitable. Here are a few research-backed health benefits of a flexitarian diet plan:


  • May prevent heart disease: Since plant-based food products form a key component of a flexitarian diet, the instances of heart diseases are lowered among individuals who opt for this diet plan. Research published in the NCBI concluded that the vegetarian components of a flexitarian diet plan could lower the risk of heart disease by as much as 32%.


  • May aid in weight loss: A flexitarian diet may help you in losing those extra pounds. Research published in the NCBI concluded that people who follow a vegetarian diet plan lose more weight than people who predominantly consume non-vegetarian food items. Although a flexitarian diet can help you in losing weight, the results might not be as profound as following a strict vegan diet.


  • May help in preventing diabetes: A plant-based diet can help immensely in preventing type 2 diabetes. This is primarily because plant-based diets are high in fibre and low in unhealthy saturated fats & refined sugars. A study published in the NCBI concluded that the instances of diabetes were 1.5% lower in flexitarians or semi-vegetarians when compared to non-vegetarians.


  • May help in preventing cancer: A plant-based diet is rich in nutrients as well as antioxidants that help in fighting cancer formation in the body. A research paper published in the NCBI stated that a vegetarian diet could help you in lowering the overall risk associated with cancer, especially colorectal cancer.


  • Good for the environment and overall well-being: Since a flexitarian diet reduces the reliance on meat, it has a positive impact on the environment. Switching to a plant-based diet may help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable use of land and water. This promotes overall well-being and a sustainable environment for future generations to thrive.



A flexitarian or a semi-vegetarian diet emphasizes plant-based nutrients primarily while limiting the consumption of meat and animal products. It not only benefits your body but is sustainable for the planet as well in the long run. If you are looking to opt for a flexitarian diet, you must opt for organically cultivated plant products.


With the rampant use of chemicals and pesticides, the quality of the plant-based products raises a few health concerns. But, organically cultivated items are guaranteed to be free from pesticides and harmful chemicals that may find their way to your plates. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you choose organic food products to incorporate into your flexitarian diet plan.

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