Whole Wheat Bread: How Good is it For Health?

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Imagine standing inside a quaint little bakery. Can you smell the amazing aroma of freshly baked bread? It’s one of the greatest pleasures in the world! While most of us may not experience that pleasure often, we definitely can indulge ourselves by eating delicious bread. The best pick of all would be whole wheat bread. It is the perfect amalgamation of taste and health. It is also easily available.

Whole wheat bread is much talked about for its health benefits. Is there truth in that claim? Is whole wheat bread healthy? The French National Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment‘s research found something interesting. Whole-grain cereals can protect against cancer, obesity and diabetes!

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Nutrition Facts of Whole Wheat Bread vs White Milk Bread

Serving size: 1 slice.

Nutritional Parameters Whole Wheat Bread White Milk Bread
Calories 81 92.2
Total Fat 1.1g 1.2g
Sodium 146mg 181.1mg
Total Carbohydrates 14g 17g
Dietary Fibre 1.9g 1.2g
Sugars 1.4g 2.3g
Protein 4g 3.2g

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Is Whole Wheat Bread Healthy?

Let’s answer that question by comparing it with white milk bread.

1. Whole wheat bread protects against multiple diseases when compared to while milk bread.

Improves overall health.

Israel’s Ministry of Health found that anything made from whole wheat flour has the power to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal tumours by 22%, cardiovascular diseases by 25%, hypertension by 21%, post-heart attack mortality by 31% and general morbidity by 26% while milk bread does not offer these benefits.

2. Whole wheat bread is higher in fibre than white milk bread.

Helps in preventing constipation.

Dietary fibre aids better digestion and metabolism. It also helps in the prevention of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and colon cancer, according to a study published in the journal ‘Metabolism‘. It may also help strengthen the immune system.

3. Whole wheat bread has more protein content than white milk bread.

Strengthens muscles.

Whole wheat bread contains 0.8g more protein than white milk bread. Protein aids the building and maintaining muscle strength and muscle mass, according to a study published in the journal ‘Nutrients‘.

4. There are fewer calories and lower fat in whole wheat bread.

Aids in losing weight.

Discard white milk bread from your diet if you want to lose weight. It contains more calories and higher total fat than whole wheat bread. According to research published in  ‘The Journal of Nutrition‘, consumption of whole grains lowers the risk of obesity and weight gain.

5. Whole wheat bread has lower amounts of sodium and sugars.

Better for diabetics and hypertensive people.

According to Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, consuming too much sodium can lead to a stroke, hypertension and heart diseases. White milk bread contains 34.9mg more sodium in each slice than whole wheat bread. It also has almost a gram more of sugar.

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Other Benefits of Whole Wheat Bread

According to an extensive study conducted by the Ministry of Health in Israel, whole wheat bread also offers these benefits:

  • Improves mood and mental abilities due to the presence of fibre and B group vitamins.
  • The slower release of carbs aids in longer concentration and alertness.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Helps in maintaining cholesterol levels.


Now you know which is the healthier alternative. You can also think about baking whole wheat bread. It isn’t that difficult. Take your time to look for the best whole wheat bread flour in the market before baking whole wheat bread. Make sure it is 100% whole wheat as that is the only way to get all the health benefits. Opt for the unrefined, unbleached and organic variety.

If you aren’t really the baking type, make sure you pick whole wheat bread on your next grocery run. Ditch the white bread if you already haven’t.

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