Amazing benefits using Fennel Water - 24 Mantra Organic

Amazing benefits using Fennel Water - 24 Mantra Organic


Magical benefits of Fennel water

Health and Nutrition

Fennel seeds are one of the most beneficial food items that you can put in your body. Due to their rich nutrient profile, they have found widespread application in culinary as well as medical uses. Fennel seeds provide a plethora of health benefits and possess numerous anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Fennel seeds are widely used as an after-meal mouth freshener due to their refreshing taste and distinct flavour. But, did you know that you can reap the numerous health benefits of this wonderful food constituent by simply consuming a glass of water infused with fennel seeds?


Fennel seeds are rich in health benefitting nutrients as well as essential plant-based oils. Aside from these, fennel seeds possess anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties as well. In this post, we will be looking at a few research-backed benefits of saunf water and how its everyday consumption benefits your health.


Benefits Of Fennel Water

Fennels are highly nutritious and an essential source of Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Manganese. These nutrients make fennel seeds a robust constituent of any health-centric diet plan. Here are a few profound and research-backed health benefits of saunf water.


  • Helps in curbing appetite: Are you struggling with your body weight? One of the benefits of saunf water is the fact that it is a well-known appetite suppressant. In a study published on the NCBI, it was concluded that people who consumed fennel seeds before having their lunch consumed fewer calories and also avoided snacking between meals. Although more research is needed to gain conclusive results in terms of weight loss benefits of fennel water, the preliminary evidence seems very promising.


  • Helps in alleviating constipation symptoms: Fennel water is highly effective in curbing the symptoms of constipation, bloating and a few other gastric disorders. A report published on the NCBI concluded that the essential oils present in fennel seeds help in facilitating effective digestion and supplement the production of digestive enzymes. Hence, one of the benefits of saunf water includes the maintenance of a healthy digestive system.


  • Helps in purifying blood: Fennel seeds are diuretic in nature. This means that they help in purifying the blood by facilitating an increased kidney function. A report published on the NCBI concluded that consuming fennel seed infused water with or simply consuming a tablespoon of fennel seeds can assist your body in flushing out toxins and promoting optimal absorption of health benefitting nutrients.


  • Helps in fighting acne: Acne breakouts happen due to a number of reasons with stress and skin condition being the primary factor. One of the benefits of saunf water includes the supply of essential acne-fighting nutrients to the body. According to a research paper published in the NCBI, it was concluded that the minerals found in Zinc, Calcium, Selenium, etc. help in maintaining hormonal balance in the body and give the skin a healthy appearance.


  • Improves eyesight: Vitamin A is a well-known eyesight supplement and fennel seeds are an essential source of Vitamin A. According to a study published in the NCBI, fennel seed consumption has been linked to supplementing a good level of eyesight. Fun fact: In traditional Indian medicine, fennel seed extracts were used to treat symptoms of glaucoma.


  • Reduces water retention in the body: A research published on the NCBI establishes fennel seeds as a diuretic. This means that it facilitates an increased passage of urine and flushes out the extra water in the body. This can be highly beneficial for gym freaks who are highly conscious of their body constituents. Moreover, fennel seeds also have diaphoretic properties that facilitate an increased level of perspiration.


  • Helps regulate blood pressure: Fennel seeds are highly rich in potassium, an element known for its blood pressure management qualities. According to a research paper published on PubMed, potassium is immensely beneficial in managing bodily fluid concentrations and helps in controlling blood pressure and heart rate.


These are a few amazing benefits of saunf water that can be easily entailed by simply consuming a glass of this wonderful beverage every day. Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, there are numerous other benefits of saunf water as well. Preliminary research shows promising data of the effects that fennel seeds have in cancer prevention which may broaden its health benefitting properties even more.


When you are in the market for purchasing fennel seeds, make sure that you opt for the organic variety to entail maximum health benefits of saunf water. Organic fennel seeds are grown with the best cultivation practices and are guaranteed to be free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. Moreover, organic fennel seeds are cultivated with strict adherence to international farming practices that are beneficial for the planet in the long run.


Wrapping Up

If you are thinking to include fennel water in your diet, it’s highly suggested that you start now. Aside from the above-mentioned benefits of saunf water, there are numerous other health benefitting properties of fennel water that can prove to be a significant factor in leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Just remember to opt for the organic fennel seeds variety to reap the maximum health benefits of this wonderful food item.

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