11 Diabetes Friendly Snacks

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Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high due to the malfunctioning of the pancreatic gland. The condition causes patients to have abnormal sugar levels. It needs to be regulated using the medication in more severe cases.  Early-stage diabetes can be controlled with lifestyle changes that include major changes in diet. Switching to a diabetes-friendly diet by regulating the amount of sugar we consume can be a difficult task because of the tempting sugary snacks are easily available around us. If you are struggling to switch to a diabetes-friendly diet, we have put together a list of eleven diabetes-friendly snacks to keep you full and guilt-free.

  1. Popcorn
    Popcorn has less than 40 calories per serving which makes it a popular snack among diabetics.
  2. Hummus and veggies
    A garlic-infused version that skimps on the olive oil in the classic Lebanese dip makes for a healthy, diabetic-friendly snack! Use it as a dip for your favorite raw veggies like carrots and beetroot.
  3. Baked baingan chips
    Potato chips are a big no-no for diabetics. However, baked eggplant chips, marinated in garam masala can make for a healthy, diabetic-friendly snack to replace your favorite potato chips.
  4. Sliced fruits with peanut butter
    Chilled fruits like apple, avocado, and berries dipped in crunchy peanut butter can make for the perfect summer snack that is also diabetes-friendly.
  5. Sprout salads
    Boiled sprouts like moong, chickpeas mixed with fresh, raw veggies, seasoned with chaat masala, rock salt, etc. can make for a protein-rich diabetic-friendly snack.
  6. Ragi and oats crackers
    Both ragi and oats are calcium and protein-rich millets that have several health benefits. The crackers served with a cucumber dip are the perfect afternoon, diabetic-friendly snack.
  7. Smoothies
    You don’t have to give up milkshakes all thanks to the healthy and tasty diabetic-friendly smoothies. You can use a variety of ingredients depending on the seasonal fruits and veggies. Possible combinations include cucumbers, berries, amla, coconut water, spinach, etc. Serve them chilled, topped with chia and flax seeds for a diabetic-friendly snack!
  8. Egg salad
    Hard-boiled eggs are the ideal, healthy diabetic-friendly snack due to their high protein and nutrient content. Toss chopped eggs with some raw veggies and seasonings to make a yummy salad.
  9. Roasted snacks
    There is no dearth of roasted diabetic-friendly snacks in the market. Everything from soy chips to roasted chana and moong dal can make for a quick, healthy and hassle-free diabetic-friendly snack.
  10. Salted nuts
    Crunchy, roasted nuts including walnuts and almonds, particularly when they are salted and seasoned can make for a great diabetic-friendly snack. Chop them up and add them to your favorite salads to add a crunchy element!
  11. Paneer-based snacks
    Paneer is a protein-rich superfood that can be used in an assortment of diabetic-friendly snacks like a refreshing paneer salad or a paneer-moong ka cheela.


In conclusion, do not be disheartened by your strict new diet plans. You can manage your snack craving with these diabetes-friendly snacks! While you are making the switch to a healthier life, try going organic for a better result. 24 Mantra offers 100% certified organic products across several categories. Know more here: https://www.24mantra.com/products/


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