Types of Red Rice and How They Are Different - 24 Mantra Organic

Types of Red Rice and How They Are Different - 24 Mantra Organic


3 Types Of Red Rice

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The go-to choice for those people looking to make a healthier leap from white rice.

No matter which red rice variety you consider, they are all packed with nutrition and flavour. This rice has the necessary minerals and nutrients to turn any meal into a fulfilling, healthy experience.

The one factor that is common between all the red rice varieties is the presence of the antioxidant called anthocyanin. This chemical is the exact reason for the rice’s unique colour and structure. They are known to boost your immunity and provide better nutrition intake from foods.

Types of red rice:

There are more than eight different red rice varieties, but we will look at the three which are more significant and widely used in Indian cooking.


Thai Red Cargo rice

This rice has more qualities similar to that of brown rice than of the distinct red rice varieties. They are non-glutinous rice that have a more extended grain size. This rice also occurs in fascinating red, purple, and maroon colours.

This rice is a popular choice in more Thai dishes around the globe. When cooked, they have a nutty and sweet flavour pallet. Like most types of red rice, they have a chewy texture.

This rice was often exported or shipped using cargo vehicles and never packed and sold in small units. This is the reason they received the name “Cargo”. As lives and societies around us changed, the name did not.


Kerala Matta rice

This is one of the red rice varieties that is closer to home. The Kerala matta also called the Palakkadan Matta Rice, or Kerala Red Rice is the distinct homely flavour of this coastal state. The rice is known for its health add-on and famous since they blend well with all dishes of the local cuisines.

They became a popular choice in this part of the country since the time of the Chola Kings. They were also turned into rice powders and used to make some of the unique savoury dishes. Back in the 1960s, these types of red rice only catered to the royalties.

This rice has a unique taste and is rich in nutrition. The coarse rice is said to have better levels of antioxidants, minerals, and fibre content when compared to the other varieties in the area.

Bhutanese Red rice

Another one of the types of red rice found in the country is the Bhutanese red rice. This rice is only available for its proximity to the home country of Bhutan. Burma red rice is partially milled rice that has a bright red colour. This unique nature of the rice allows it to cook much faster when compared to the other red rice varieties. When fully cooked to perfection, this rice has a shallow pale colour.

While most of the red rice in the market is chewy in nature, this is one of the red rice that has a more sticky texture. This rice is also the only import from the agricultural division of Bhutan.

Final thoughts,

Irrespective of the red rice varieties you buy, the essential factor to consider is the quality of the source. It is paramount that you buy your rice from a trusted, reliable source. When purchasing red rice, try to buy them from an organic source.

Organic products are known to have better health benefits when compared to others. They are also made in more ethical manners and are free from additives and chemicals. The food made from organic ingredients is proven to have a superior taste. All this with particular caution to nature.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s range of rice products and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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