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Benefits of organic food



Organic Food

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” These words by the renowned health enthusiast, Ann Wigmore, capture the strong link between our diet and fitness. Can the benefits of organic food improve your fitness regime? Let’s find out.

Here are the 4 reasons why benefits of organic food are better for your fitness regime:

  1. You save yourself from toxins: Organic food means fruits, vegetables, and grains are grown without the use of any chemical based artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Consuming such ‘natural’ foods eases the digestion and helps you get rid of toxins better. Unlike the benefits of organic food non-organic crops are likely to be loaded with harmful chemicals and heavy metals like cadmium. These strain the liver and kidneys – the detoxifiers of our body – which not only leads to accumulation of toxins (and therefore inviting diseases) but also can lead to liver or kidney related disorders or failure.
  2. You chuck the junk: When you decide to go organic and choose the benefits of organic food, automatically a huge amount of chemically processed foods goes off your grocery list. Going organic means taking the road to good health, which, in turn, improves your health and lowers your risk of diabetes, cholesterol, and obesity.
  3. Your intake of nutrients increases: As per the researches, one of the important benefits of organic food is that organic food contains more antioxidants than commercially grown crops. The more you nourish yourself with naturally available nutrients, the fitter you tend to be.
  4. It reduces the incidence of heart diseases: It was found that some organic fruits and vegetables, especially onions, had 20% more antioxidants and the best benefits of organic food– best agents to reduce harmful free radicals in the body and hence reducing heart diseases caused by plaque formation and reducing cancer. Organic milk has more omega-3 fatty acids as opposed to your regular milk which may contain harmful synthetic hormones as well.

Fitness is not just about burning calories and avoiding junk food. It’s also about eating healthy, by reaping the benefits of organic food. To enhance your fitness regime further, get 100% authentic organic foods from India’s best organic store – 24 Mantra Organic. Shop your way to health now!

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