Amazing Toor Dal Benefits - 24 Mantra Organic

Amazing Toor Dal Benefits - 24 Mantra Organic

toor dal benefits

5 Benefits Of Toor Dal

Organic Food

Consumption of legumes is a staple in Indian households, where varieties of dal are cooked on different days of the week. The common notion about toor dal benefits is that it is loaded with proteins. However, these benefits far exceed this perception since toor dal is packed with several other nutrients.


For the safest route to obtain toor dal benefits, you should opt for organically produced toor dal, which is far richer in nutrition and tastes better as well. Moreover, it does not lead to contamination of the resources which are used to cultivate the dal.

Let us find out more about the prominent benefits of tur dal.


Toor dal benefits: What you should know?


Great source of iron

Toor dal is rich in iron and folates. Due to this factor, those with a deficiency of iron, really get a boost. The added levels of folic acid in the dal helps to promote foetal growth and restricts the occurrence of neural defects in newborn children. The toor dal benefits can be estimated from the fact that it provides almost 6 to 12 per cent of the daily requirement of iron in the body.

Helps in regulating blood pressure

Being rich in potassium, toor dal helps to reduce the blood constriction since it acts as a vasodilator. This property, in turn, helps to regulate the levels of blood pressure. Those who suffer from hypertension may benefit immensely by consuming toor dal since they run a greater risk of contracting heart diseases.

Helps in maintaining weight


Adding more proteins to your diet is known to help reduce weight. Toor dal benefits the body by helping it stay fuller for longer durations and curbing food cravings. Also, it is an excellent source of fibre and proteins with a low level of glycaemic index. Thus, by reducing your appetite and boosting the metabolism levels, toor dal helps you to attain the right intake of calories while at the same time, reducing your appetite.

Helps boost energy levels

Additional toor dal benefits manifest due to the presence of various vitamins in the dal such as niacin and riboflavin. These vitamins are known to stimulate the metabolism of carbohydrates in the body. At the same time, it also helps the body avoid excessive storage of fats, which in turn helps to raise the energy levels in the body.

Helps in managing diabetes

If you have diabetes, it can be perfect for you to add these lentils to your daily diet since there are many toor dal benefits. As good sources of complex carbohydrates, and dietary fibre, eating this dal helps to avoid spikes in blood sugar levels.


Conclusion: Are there enough toor dal benefits?

When cooked in the right manner, the benefits of tur dal can make it highly beneficial for you and your health. The right way to cook toor dal is to soak it overnight in warm water and then, add enough pressure in a cooker to cook the dal completely. The soft meal makes it a wholesome meal for you since there are many toor dal benefits which are good for your body.

Consuming organic toor dal further enhances the goodness which you can receive since it helps to ensure your safety and offers better nutrition than conventional sources of toor dal. Organic food products are also far more sustainable for the environment since they are cultivated without the use of chemicals.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Tur Dal and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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