Saunf milk benefits: All you need to know - 24Mantra Organic

Saunf milk benefits: All you need to know - 24Mantra Organic

saunf milk benefits, benefits of saunf milk

5 Health Benefits Of Saunf Milk

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Saunf or fennel seeds are widely consumed as a mouth freshener or as a flavour enhancer in traditional Indian lassis. These are an excellent aid for facilitating optimal digestion, as well as in providing relief from bloating or stomach cramps.


When fennel seeds are paired with milk, this results in a concoction that provides numerous health benefits. In this blog, we will explore a few saunf milk benefits and how its regular consumption benefits your body.


Benefits of saunf milk

Before we delve into saunf milk benefits, you need to ensure the right way to consume it. The best way to reap the benefits of saunf milk is to add half a teaspoon of fennel seeds to a glass of milk and boil the mix for some time. Sieve the concoction and consume it hot! Let’s now begin with the saunf milk benefits.


  • Benefits of heart health: Fennels are brimming with fiber, potassium, and magnesium. These elements, when combined, are proven to reduce the risk of heart disease that may be resultant of a modern lifestyle. According to an NCBI study, fennel seeds are also highly effective in lowering the cholesterol levels in the body.


  • Maintains haemoglobin levels in the body: Another saunf milk benefit includes the maintenance of hemoglobin levels in the bodyDue to their high content of fibre and magnesium, fennel seeds are very effective in helping you maintain optimal haemoglobin levels in your body. An NCBI study concluded that fiber and magnesium are proven to help your body in maintaining its hemoglobin levels and fight health issues like anaemia.


  • Helps in fighting acne: A research paper published in the NCBI concluded that the anti-bacterial properties of fennel can help your body in keeping acne at bay. It helps your body purify the blood, providing flawless skin.


  • Helps in weight management: If you are working on a weight management diet plan, saunf milk benefits might come in very handy. According to research published on the NCBI, fennel seeds are helpful in increasing the body’s metabolism and burn calories even while resting.


  • Helps in optimal digestion: According to an NCBI study, fennel seeds are very effective in reducing acidity and bloating that may be caused due to spicy foods. If you are suffering from digestive ailments such as constipation and indigestion, consuming fennel seeds might help in alleviating the symptoms.


Aside from these, there are many other saunf milk benefits that can be entailed by simply consuming this healthy beverage every day. By simply boiling fennel seeds with milk, you can instantly prepare this drink and reap the numerous health benefits that saunf with milk entails.



It must be clear by now that consuming saunf milk every day can help your body in a number of ways. If you are someone who consumes milk every day, it is highly suggested that you start adding fennel seeds to the drink to enhance its nutrient density and health benefits.

With the rampant use of growth-inducing hormones and pesticides in crops, the majority of fennel seeds available in the market come laced with harmful chemicals. These chemicals are not metabolised in the body and may lead to serious health implications.


The simple way to evade these chemicals and ensure 100% natural fennel seeds is to opt for the organic variety. These are grown while following strict farming guidelines that forbid the use of chemicals and pesticides.

Since organic food crops are cultivated using sustainable farming practices, their cultivation does not hamper the ecological balance and preserves it for future generations.

Therefore, when you are in the market for getting fennel seeds or saunf, make sure that you opt for the organically cultivated variety.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Fennel and savour the taste of organic goodness.


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