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Breakfast is the most important part of the day, skip it, and you feel lousy throughout the day.

In a time where everyone is busy rushing to work, school, or college, preparing a wholesome breakfast can be a tough task for many.

Whole grain organic cereals are perfect to consume in such a tight schedule. Filled with multifarious nutrients, having organic cereals every morning helps keep your body healthy and feel energetic throughout the day.

Here’s how organic cereal breakfast helps you stay fit:

  1. Provides adequate calories:

Organic breakfast cereals provide your body with an adequate amount of calories. Starting your day with an organic breakfast cereal will leave you feeling light. Some studies suggest that having a healthy breakfast helps one think clearly and accomplish more throughout the day.

  1. Wholesome meal:

If you feel that your organic breakfast cereal tastes bland. Worry not, because there are several different ways to cook the cereal to your preference. For instance, your regular oatmeal can be turned into an oatmeal pancake. Be careful to not water down the nutrients of your organic breakfast cereal with too many condiments. Organic cereal is a wholesome breakfast that will help you stay fit.

  1. Controls overeating:

Organic cereal is wholesome, the nutrients packed per meal is enough to control one’s desire to overeat. Overindulgence leads to weight gain. Consuming an organic breakfast cereal can help you feel full for a longer duration. This is particularly helpful in maintaining a healthy weight.

  1. Contains multi-nutrients:

Organic cereals contain a significant amount of minerals that are used by our body. Organic breakfast cereals are high in minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium. The sulphates and phosphates in the organic cereals makes for 95% of the nutrients. Ragi, is a good source of fiber and minerals. A ragi flakes breakfast cereal makes one feel satiated. Millets are another source of fiber and minerals.

  1. Helps avoid lethal disease:

Organic cereals contain disease preventing factors. The myriad of nutritional qualities present in these grains cures/prevents/aid in the occurrence of fatal diseases. Starting your day with an organic breakfast cereal will have a positive impact on your heart, prevent cancer, and help keep your weight in check.

24 Mantra Organic offers a myriad of breakfast cereal options. Pick the flavour that best fits your taste and nutritional requirement.

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