5 Things You Can Grow in Your Backyard This Monsoon

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After the constant struggle to stay hydrated during the sweltering summer months, monsoon showers are always a welcome relief. After all, basking in the sunlight all day while standing in dry and cracked soil is not an easy task. You and me, we have the luxury to stay indoors when the sun is too hot to handle. But plants don’t have that choice. For plants, relief comes only when the rain washes away all the heat and soaks the dry soil. And if you’ve ever tried your hands at gardening, you’ll know how strongly plants feel about this.

Monsoon is the time when seeds start to sprout, saplings take root, and lush green leaves flourish with ease. It’s the best time of the year to plant new plants in your backyard. So, if you are planning to start a new garden or add variety to an already existing one, here are 5 plants that will thrive without much effort in your backyard if you plant them during the monsoons.

  1. Snake Gourd
    A common ingredient in various Indian recipes, these native Asian veggies are healthy to eat and easy to grow. They are particularly loved for their detoxifying properties
  2. Basil
    The best time to plant basil is just before the monsoon begins. Let the plant grow during the rains, and you can pluck the leaves and add them to your daily meals once the plant is healthy enough.
  3. Tomatoes
    Consistent in its growth, tomato plants do not need too much moisture to flourish. If this is the first time you are planting tomatoes, then it may be more work than what you are used to. However, the results will definitely be worth it.
  4. Brinjal
    Growing brinjal at home is comparatively easier. However, make sure that the plants get sufficient sunlight. Don’t put the pots in shade, and make sure that the soil is always moist but not soggy.
  5. Cucumber
    The best thing about growing cucumber at home is that you get to eat fresh, tender, and seed-free produce. This is rarely the case if you buy cucumbers from a supermarket. And the best part is, they are easy to grow as well.

Are you ready to add some greenery to your backyard? If you compare the efforts required with the results, we would say it’s definitely worth a try.    Explore 200+ tasty and nutritious ways in which 24 Mantra can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Choose organic, choose healthy!





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