The Only Red Rice Nutrition Facts You Need To Know - 24 Mantra Organic

The Only Red Rice Nutrition Facts You Need To Know - 24 Mantra Organic


6 Facts to know About Red Rice Nutrition

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Red rice is a staple in many diets across the world. In India, due to the diversity that is pretty much ingrained into the very fabric of our culture, we can find many people from a whole host of ethnic groups consuming red rice.

Compared to the conventional white rice of the Indian kitchen, the red rice nutrition benefits are much higher.

Here are a few red rice nutrition facts for one cup:

Iron 68.75%
Carbohydrate 66.69%
Zinc 30%
Fat 14%
Fibre 7%
Potassium  5.4%
Protein  14%

Here are a few simple, exciting facts about red rice nutrition

1. Rich in antioxidants

One of the most prominent red rice nutrition facts that draws people towards them is the high levels of antioxidants. These substances help protect the body from the effects of free radicals. They are also elementary in flushing out toxins and conserving the energy from food.

These antioxidants are also known to keep the cells and tissues healthy and enhance the immune system. The lack of antioxidants in your food is a massive drawback to a better diet.

2. Helps control cholesterol

This red rice nutrition quality makes it a perfect match to control cholesterol in your body. Many studies have shown that the presence of monacolin K is the reason for this balance. This substance is the same added to prescription medication to battle cholesterol.

However, if you are suffering from liver diseases or are pregnant, this monacolin K content could work adversely on your body.

As you reduce the LDL cholesterol level in the body, it also helps to battle the signs of heart diseases. These LDL or low-density lipoproteins cause your arteries to narrow and reduce the flow of blood. Thus, the red rice nutrition can help break this disorder.

3. Reduce the risk of obesity

While we have a preconceived notion about rice being a fattening carbohydrate, red rice can significantly improve this condition.  Red rice nutrition facts indicate a higher level of energy when compared to other rice. This value helps to break down the food more effectively.

It also provides a feeling of fullness, thus keeping your intake of carbohydrates in control. Those who eat red rice daily have a lower chance of obesity than those who pick white-rice.

4. Rich in vitamin B6

One of the prominent red rice nutrition advantages is the presence of Vitamin B6. This vitamin is essential to the body but present in very few sources.

Vitamin B6 helps to enhance the production of serotonin and red blood cells in the body. These also help maintain your mood and promote the creation of better DNA cells.

Small portions of red rice each week can help you achieve a substantial amount of Vitamin B6.

5. Contains healthy fibre

This rice has enough fibre to help you healthily meet your daily intake. Around a quarter cup of red rice has more than two grams of fibre.

This fibre is highly essential to ensure better digestion and keep your bodily functions in check. This red rice nutrition parameter also helps provide a better feeling of fullness and stops you from overeating.

The fibre is also needed to flush away harmful chemicals and toxins from the body. This detox enables the body to absorb energy from food better.

6. Source of iron

Lastly, this red rice nutrition quality is unlike any other form of rice. This rice is epically helpful for those who are anaemic as it has a higher quantity of iron. A healthy human must gain at least 8-20mgs of iron each day. And with just a small cup of red rice, you can meet almost 3% of your daily iron intake.

The presence of iron in the body also enables better oxygen flow, better breathing, and reduces infections and diseases.

Final thoughts

Many shy away from these robust red rice nutrition facts because of the texture of red rice. They are a little chewy when compared to white rice, thus making it an acquired taste. But if you are looking to make a healthy lifestyle change — this is a go-to option.

Go for an organically produced and backed source to achieve the most value of red rice nutrition. Organic products ensure the retention of antioxidants and provide a better quality product. They are also free from any dust and additives that could harm the body in the long-run.

Make a healthy choice today, and see the difference in your lifestyle in a few weeks.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s range of rice products and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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