Best Foods To Improve Gut Health And Become Fitter - 24 Mantra Organic

Best Foods To Improve Gut Health And Become Fitter - 24 Mantra Organic

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6 Foods That Can Help You Improve Your Gut Health

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The maximum number of bacteria in the human body are found in the intestines. These particular set of bacteria are known as gut microbiota, which can pose a significant impact on your gut health. An imbalance in the levels of these bacteria in the intestines can give rise to several diseases as well. Did you know that the food which you consume can greatly improve gut health or put pressure on it!



This is one of the most vital reasons why you must consume organic food products, which are safer for your health. The absence of chemical-laden pesticides in cultivating them makes them richer in nutrition and zestier in taste. It is important to choose the best foods to improve gut health if you wish to lead a healthy lifestyle. Here are some excellent options for food items which can help you improve gut health.

List of foods that improve gut health



Yoghurt is essentially loaded with an abundant amount of friendly bacteria, and these are called probiotics. Adding yoghurt to your diet is quite easy if you want to improve gut health. To cater to your individual taste, yoghurts can be bought in sugar-free versions as well as full-fat variety.



Almonds are loaded with probiotics which makes them excellent for your gut health. Additionally, they are rich in fibre, fatty acids and polyphenols, which make them a tasty and healthy snack, especially if you are consuming organic almonds.


To flourish and grow in the intestine, gut bacteria require enough fibre. So, the more the number of organic fruits and vegetables you consume, the better it will be for your health. The good thing about peas is that they are loaded with soluble and insoluble fibres, which helps to maintain the level of good bacteria in your gut. Moreover, adding peas in your diet is simple since you can consume them in salads, soups and more.



Bananas are crucial to improve gut health since they are loaded with fibrous goodness and healthy minerals, which are essential to maintain optimum gut health.


If you consume fresh ginger in your diet, it can help increase the production of stomach acids and help the digestive system in performing its function effortlessly. It will help you improve gut health even if you consume freshly grated ginger in your soups and stews.


Since garlic contains anti-bacterial and possesses anti-fungal action, it can help to limit the presence of bad bacteria in the gut. Additionally, it also helps to balance the presence of yeast in the gut. To improve gut health, it should be taken in moderation such that it adds a delicate flavouring to your dishes. Garlic has been included as an essential item in meals historically since it is believed to fuel the good bacteria and support them in performing their gut function.


Can you improve gut health by consuming certain foods?

Seeing how certain food items help to support the function of good bacteria in your gut, it is recommended that you include them in your diet in moderate amounts. To improve gut health, you must consume only organic food products, which are safer for your health and promote the sustainability of the environment by limiting the release of chemicals and toxins in the land and water sources.

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