7 Crazy Reasons to #GoOrganic

Organic Food

Naysayers often dismiss organic food as yet another 21st century fad. But the fact is, organic is not a new concept. Until the 1950s, organic used to be the most prevalent way of life. Many of us have heard our grandparents complain about the deteriorating quality of food products. They boast about how they used to get only the tastiest, purest, and best food during their times. Given the serious lack of factory-farmed agrochemical stuff at that time, it’s safe to say that most of our ancestors preferred organic as well.

Listening to your grandparents is usually a good idea when it comes to food habits – they really do know better. Still, if you need a little more convincing, here are 7 crazy reasons to #GoOrganic:

  1. Freedom from Pesticides
    Several researchers have already established that non-organic food contains significant pesticide residue, whereas organic food is free from such pollutants. While most of these pesticide residues are not a big issue, some of them may cause long-term damage as they biomagnify up the food-chain. Also known as Persistent Organic Pollutants, some of the pesticides are linked with potential endocrine and developmental defects1. Going organic gives you freedom from all such concerns.
  2. Protect the Biodiversity
    Organically farmed areas support more flora and fauna than conventionally farmed lands. Going organic means helping the local birds, predatory insects, spiders, soil-dwelling organisms, and field flora find their perfect habitats. Lack of intensive farming techniques on organic farms allows the formation of semi-natural areas that act as a temporary retreat vital for many species.
  3.  Prevent Water Pollution    
    Leaching of nitrate and other chemicals from farm soil is one of the main sources of water pollution in many areas. Since organic farming uses no pesticides, toxic fertilizers, or chemicals, by going organic you help keep the rivers and oceans clean.
  4. Restore Natural Balance  
    Organic farming depends upon restoring soil fertility and natural balance. Adopting crop rotation, discouraging monoculture, and using the diversity of crops effectively weakens the pests and disease complex and makes the soil nutrient rich.
  5. Enable Sustainable Practices
    Go organic to promote sustainable agricultural practices that will benefit generations to come. Organic farming has the predisposition of nurturing the Mother Nature rather than exploiting it.
  6. Strength to Farmers
    Contrary to corporate farming, the farmers have all the power in organic farming. It’s their farm and their practices that determine if the produce will be certified or not. Since the quality of produce rests in the farmer’s hands, most organic produce procurers establish processes that protect the farmer’s interests.
  7. Farm to Fork Traceability
    Going organic means what you eat will pass all the quality checks. From seeds and farms to cultivation practices and post-harvest practices, everything is tested and verified multiple times.

Let’s get back to the good old days of our forefathers when all the food was tasty, healthy, and pure. Let’s #GoOrganic.

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