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7 Best turmeric uses in the kitchen



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turmeric uses:

Turmeric has proved its worth in the kitchen time and again with many turmeric uses. It is more than just a spice, it also has several medicinal values. It contains powerful antioxidants that protect us from aging and some types of cancers. Among the many turmeric uses, it also facilitates the process of digestion and cleanses the digestive system. And of course, the bright yellow spice brings its own delicious taste to the table when used in the kitchen.

turmeric uses:

But did you know turmeric uses work wonders even outside the kitchen? Yes, it doesn’t have to be cooked to be useful to the body. Here are eight turmeric uses outside the kitchen:

  1. Skin care
    Homemade skincare routines consist of turmeric uses in combination with various other ingredients like milk, cream, curd, sandalwood paste, etc. It cleanses the skin and works well on acne, pigmentation, scars, and stretch marks. Turmeric facial gives a golden glow to the face.
  2. Remedy for cold
    Home remedies for cold suggest that a teaspoon of turmeric taken with a cup of warm milk can provide relief from symptoms such as cough and sore throat, within hours, one of many turmeric uses.
  3. Disinfectant
    Other turmeric uses include, to treat small cuts and wounds. Before covering the wound with Band-Aid, wash it with soap water and apply some turmeric paste. Turmeric leaves are also a good source of curcumin, the anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory component of turmeric. Applying the paste of these leaves on burns and cuts helps with the healing process.
  4. Haircare
    Dandruff can be treated using a mixture of turmeric and olive oil. Mix both in equal quantities and leave it on the hair for about twenty minutes before washing off with shampoo.
  5. turmeric uses for burns and boils
    A mixture of aloe vera gel and turmeric can soothe burns and provide relief by healing them. Skin boils can also be treated by making a thick paste using turmeric and water and applying on the affected area.
  6. Dental care
    It is starting to look a little far fetched that a yellow powdery thing can actually be so versatile in its powers, but that is indeed the truth! turmeric uses(crushed) with coconut oil to clean your teeth at least thrice a week can give you a pearly white set of teeth.
  7. Treatment for joint pain
    The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric make it a useful component in home remedies for arthritis pain. Mix turmeric paste with two garlic cloves and one tablespoon honey, and apply over the affected area. Scrape it off after twenty minutes. Repeat this process three times a week and notice the change.

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