Benefits of Whole Wheat Atta and Why You Should Include it in Your Diet

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Whole wheat atta has been a part of staple diet across many countries for centuries. From chapaties and baked food items to pasta and noodles, whole wheat atta is an essential ingredient in a majority of foods. However, this centuries-old, staple food product has recently faced a lot of criticism from the propagators of various diet plans. Some even go as far as claiming that eliminating whole wheat atta from your daily diet is the best way to stay fit. But thankfully, we all know that such bold claims lack any scientific confirmation. After all, there must have been some logical reason for which our ancestors preferred whole wheat atta. So instead of putting any stock into the wild claims, let’s understand all the benefits of whole wheat atta before making any drastic changes to our diet plans.

Benefits of Whole Wheat Atta:

  1.    Get Your Daily Dose of Energy Boosters

Whole wheat atta is mainly composed of carbohydrates – something which your body needs on a daily basis to keep you energetic throughout the day. Unless you are a diabetic or gluten intolerant, whole wheat atta is the best source to get your daily dose of carbohydrates.

  1.    Promote Good Digestive Health

Among all the talk of essential nutrients, we are rarely told to eat fiber. But here’s what you should know – regular intake of dietary fiber is one of the most important requirements for staying healthy. Whole wheat atta is rich in insoluble fiber, which helps food to pass easily through the digestive system. In turn, helping you avoid all the digestive problems like constipation, bloating, irregular bowel movement, and various diseases of the colon.

  1.    Fill up on Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Whole wheat atta is a decent source of vitamins and minerals like selenium, manganese, phosphorous, copper, and B vitamins. Note that this won’t be enough to meet your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals, but it’s definitely a good way to ensure that you get at least some micronutrients every day.

So let’s get back to our original question – is there a good reason for you to include whole wheat aata in your diet. We would definitely say that there’s not just one, but three very good reasons for you to do so.

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