Brown Sugar vs Cane Sugar: A Detailed Study - 24 Mantra Organic

Brown Sugar vs Cane Sugar: A Detailed Study - 24 Mantra Organic


Brown Sugar vs Cane Sugar: A Head-to-Head Comparison

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Sweets are an integral part of our lives. The more you run away from them, the more they seem to find you. Many of us assume making a change to brown sugar in our drinks can be a healthier choice. But is it really? Today we try to unveil the truth behind brown sugar vs cane sugar. Which is better? And is there one clear winner?

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How Are They Made?

While sugar, in general, is produced the same way, there is a small difference in brown sugar vs cane sugar production.

The first step involves the extraction of the sugar juices from the base plant. In this case, we only consider those extracted from sugar-cane. They are then purified and heated to form a brown and viscous syrup called molasses.

You then use a machine called a centrifuge. These are rotating devices that spin at high-speeds to form the separation of two substances of different concentrations. This process is the same way butter leaves milk. This centrifuge purifies the sugar crystals.

To create white sugar, the crystals are further processed, and the molasses removed. This method forms a fine structure of cane sugar or white sugar. To give it the white colour, they are concocted or filtered in a system that contains bone-char. This ash proves sugar the distinct white hue.

So how do you get brown sugar? The process is simple; it’s just white sugar with the molasses added back into it. They undergo lesser processors of refinement — which makes them free of any additives, or colourings. Brown sugar is a newer version of sugar.

In the process of brown sugar vs cane sugar, the brown sugar can be made by either retaining the molasses or adding them later. Many home-made recipes of brown sugar are usually from added molasses later.

But does this add to the nutrition of the sugar? Let’s find out.

Understanding Nutrition

Before we dive into the specific of each of these, here is an overview of sugar. Notice the number on this table below. What interesting observation can you make of brown sugar vs cane sugar in one teaspoon each?

Sugar  Brown Sugar
Calories 15Kcal 15Kcal
Carbs 4g 4g
Fat 0g 0g
Protein 0g 0g

You can tell from the table above, the nutrition difference between brown sugar vs cane sugar are the same. This means, if you were to add a packet of brown or white sugar, you are statistically not changing the nutrition facts of your drink.

We can establish that brown sugar and cane sugar can cause a minimal effect. However, there are a few innate differences.

The noteworthy difference is that brown sugar is a little higher in minerals. These are because the distillation stops before all the influences leave the sugar. Brown sugar thus contains more extensive levels of calcium, iron, and potassium.

The other difference is the apparent use of molasses. Molasses is the one that gives it a distinct difference in colour and texture. Although there are a few minerals in brown sugar, they are not a primary source.

This means if you have a deficiency of calcium in your bones, you cannot overdose on brown sugar. This restriction is because they still contain the same effects as sugar would do on your body.

We can conclude that, in the nutrition battle of brown sugar vs cane sugar, the small difference is hardly significant to either of them. But if you are opting for sugar, you might have better benefits from brown sugar.

How To Buy The Right Brown Sugar?

It is highly recommended that you buy the brown sugar from the right source. The battle of brown sugar vs cane sugar is redundant if you source them from an inaccurate source. Your best option is organic brown sugar. They are tested and packed carefully to ensure the best nutrition and antioxidant levels.

The most significant advantage is the guarantee of no additives. Additives in your sugar can lead to heart and kidney disorders. Lastly, brown sugar is very susceptible to moisture damage. Thus, organic companies ensure they perfect packing for better shelf life.

Difference In Use

Between brown sugar vs cane sugar, its use in cooking makes all the difference. The use of brown sugar is very distinct for most baked goods.

The use of brown sugar will give a more velvety and glossy texture to your food. Since brown sugar has a higher level of moisture, this sugar also makes cakes and baked stuff more fluffy and airy. Caramelize brown sugar provides a much smoother paste as compared to that of cane-sugar.

Also, using cane sugar will give you a white and clear product, but the brown sugar will alter the colour to a light-brown (based on the amount used). The deep-caramel flavour of the brown sugar dishes is because of the presence of molasses.

Use brown sugar when you want a creamy and toffee-like texture, and your dish will be a hit. But between brown sugar vs cane sugar, there is no definite winner in cooking. They each come with their benefits that cannot replace one another.

Final Thoughts

The big question here is “which one to pick between brown sugar vs cane sugar?” The answer is: it’s up to you. That is true. They both come with pros and cons. And most important of all, adaptive taste. Since adding brown sugar can also alter the taste of your food, it comes down to adaption.

Try a few small quantities of organic brown sugar in your food. If you like the flavour, then it is worth the switch.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Brown Sugar and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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