Choose Whole Wheat Flour for a Wholesome Meal

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When it comes to nutritional content, not all flours are created equal. The difference may look inconsequential at first after all the base product is wheat grains only. However, ask any nutrition expert and they will tell you that whole wheat flour is far healthier than white flour. Now you must be wondering, what is the difference between the two types of flours? Read on to demystify the whole wheat flour nutrition puzzle.

What is Whole Wheat Flour?

As the name itself indicates, the whole of the grain including barn, germ, and endosperm is used while making the whole wheat flour. It’s slightly coarse and brown in color as compared to white flour. And this difference is texture is the reason why white flour is preferred for baking. But the tradeoff comes in terms of nutrition. White flour contains only the endosperm and therefore lacks several vital nutrients of the whole wheat. Sometimes it’s artificially supplemented for the lost nutrition, but the natural benefits of whole wheat flour cannot be replicated completely.

Benefits of Whole Wheat Flour

  1.    High Fiber Content

Whole wheat flour contains high quantities of dietary fiber, which helps regulate the digestive system and prevents constipation. It is also beneficial for keeping blood cholesterol and glucose levels in check. Maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract helps prevent several health problems and makes you feel good all day long.

  1.    Packed with Good Nutrients

And you have wheat germ to thank for it. Wheat germ is the part of the plant where the seed sprouts when planted, and hence it’s concentrated with lots of good nutrients. From vegetable proteins and healthy fats to magnesium, zinc, thiamin, folate, potassium, and phosphorus, you get it all with whole wheat flour. It’s also a very good source of Vitamin B and antioxidants like Vitamin E.

Opt for Organic Whole Wheat Flour

Small changes in our daily dietary habits can go a long way in promoting a healthier, happier life. When going for grocery shopping next time, switch to organic whole wheat flour instead of white flour. It’s the easiest way to ensure that your family gets their daily dose of nutritional requirements.

If you are avoiding gluten, then go for whole wheat flour by 24 Mantra. It is finely milled version of organic wheat grains and is low on gluten.

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