Fantastic foods that cool you down this summer! - 24 Mantra Organic

Fantastic foods that cool you down this summer! - 24 Mantra Organic


Cool Foods to Cool You Down and Reduce Body Heat

Organic Food

Come summers and the soaring high temperatures can make you complain about everything from the lack of air conditioning to the ambience of a crowded place. The warm temperature can impact your body in more than one ways and may cause some erratic trouble as well.

Before you feel like melting like a pile of hot sweat, take a look at these foods that cool you down and help to keep your body temperature under check. It is best to opt for organically produced fruits and vegetables for this purpose, and not just for one reason.

They are loaded with a richer flavour which easily beats the bland taste of conventionally produced crops. Furthermore, they are rich in nutrients which is better for your health. Choosing organic is a wise decision for the sustainability of the planet as well.

While there is always a glass of cool water to drink when you are feeling heated, it won’t really keep you full. Here are a few select foods that cool you down which will keep you satisfied when you are on the verge of hunger.

What To Eat When You Are Under The Heat: The Best Foods That Cool You Down



Avocados are fruits which are a rich source of mono saturated fatty acids. This element helps in eliminating heat from the body and reduce the level of toxins in the blood. It is easy to digest avocados which helps to lower the energy consumption in the body, keeping it cool and balanced. A perfectly ripe avocado is among the top foods that cool you down



The astringent nature of bananas help to shrink down tissues in the body which contributes to better absorption of water in the body. Bananas are one of those foods that cool you down and can be consumed even while you are on the go. They provide a surge of energy to the body while cooling it down to the core.



The chemical composition of berries makes them alkaline in nature. As a result, they are supposed to release cooling energy in the body, which in addition to a dose of hydration since they are filled with high water content. These sweet snacks are a great summer meal when you want to munch on something savoury. The delicious flavour of organic berries is far better and rich in sweetness.



If you are looking for instant foods that cool you down¸ you must not forget the flavoursome coconuts, which can come to your rescue. Coconuts are versatile in nature since they offer not only a nutrient-rich source of liquid content but also a solid chunk that tastes delicious. Coconuts are rich in electrolytes which help to keep you hydrated and cool.



Do you shy away from eating veggies as often as you should? Well, cucumbers are great when it comes to hydrating snacks and foods that cool you down. In nature, cucumbers are diuretic which helps to flush out toxins from the body and also support the digestion process. You can simply slice a cucumber when you like and consume it in an instant.



Did you know that melons are composed of up to 95% water content? Doesn’t this make them the ultimate hydrating and cooling food for this summer? The number of calories in melons is also quite low and the richness of fibrous content in these fruits help to remove toxins from the body.



As the name might already suggest, mint is a cooling ingredient that is perfect for adding to your salads and beverages. As a herb, it can also be simply chewed upon to achieve its benefits.

Spicy Peppers


Perhaps these may appear the opposite of what they intend to do, peppers can actually help to keep your body cool. Eating these may induce sweating which in turn triggers the cooling mechanism of the body. Did you always wonder why people living in hotter regions consumed spicier food? Now you know.



Famous as a summer fruit, watermelon is indeed quite useful when it comes to keeping your body cool during the heat. By its nature, watermelons are quite hydrating and cooling and are a great snacking option for the times when you are feeling hungry.



Do you enjoy a spoonful of curd or yoghurt in the summers? Well, not only is its flavour great but the hydrating nature of yoghurt makes it a mandatory addition to your stores in the summers.

Conclusion: Are There Any Foods That Cool You Down? 

There is compelling evidence to state that the food items mentioned above are not only an excellent snack but also some of the best items which you can consume during a hot summer day. The benefits of these food items emerge from their constituents, which lend a cooling property to the body on consumption.

If you want to stock your cabinets this summer, opt for organically produced food items. Not only are they great for your taste buds also offer greater nutrition to your body. As a result, they are wholesome in nature, making them a healthier choice for your meals.


Try 24 Mantra Organic’s range of products and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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