Kabuli chana health benefits you didn't know about - 24 Mantra Organic

Kabuli chana health benefits you didn't know about - 24 Mantra Organic

kabuli chana benefits, kabuli chana health benefits

Did You Know These Kabuli Chana Benefits?

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Kabuli chana, or chickpeas as they are known in English, are rich in health benefits. The organic variant of chickpeas is considered very beneficial as they are free of chemicals and additives.

Here are a few kabuli chana benefits


1.Kabuli chana is a complex carbohydrate

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This is a complex carbohydrate, and like all complex carbohydrates, one of the kabuli chana benefits is that it contains a large amount of starch. Starch helps in regulating the sugar in your blood by slowing down the rate at which food is digested, and prevents surges. This property of kabuli chana makes it an excellent ingredient for diabetics to use and helps them keep their sugar in check. The reason that sugar is maintained is because of the low glycemic index of kabuli chana. Additionally, it also keeps your blood pressure in check, making it a perfect addition to your diet if you have trouble controlling your blood pressure.

2.High fibre content

Another one of the best-known kabuli chana benefits is the high amount of fibre that it contains. Because of this, the amount of time it takes for it to digest, leaves you feeling full for longer compared to simpler carbohydrates, reducing the chances of you snacking on other food between meals.

3.Rich in protein

One cup of cooked chickpeas contains about 14 grams of protein, significantly more than what you would see in other carbohydrates. This is another one of the kabuli chana benefits that makes it an excellent reason to add to your diet. For vegetarians, this plant-based protein is only sources of the much-needed protein that helps build strong bones, boost haemoglobin, repair tired and worn out muscles, and help in the manufacturing of new cells.

4.Rich in minerals and vitamins

Kabuli chana health benefits include high folate or Vitamin B9, an essential nutrient, especially for pregnant women for the development of babies. According to doctors, women who are looking to conceive should begin to include folate-rich food even before they are pregnant in order to support the healthy growth of the child. Some of the other kabuli chana benefits include richness in magnesium and zinc, which boost immunity and synthesis and regulation of insulin that is produced by the pancreas.

Why choose organic kabuli chana?


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You can make a whole lot of delicious dishes with kabuli chana such as chana masala, chana chaat, and so on. The kabuli chana benefits you would get from organic chana is definitely more than what you would get from regular chana. Organic alternatives are rich in antioxidants, contain no pesticides or chemical additives because of the natural way in which they are grown, and have other benefits for the environment.

Because no chemical pesticides are used, firstly, your family is protected from cancer-causing chemicals. Also, the purity of the groundwater is maintained, and the quality of the soil being used for cultivation does not get degraded. Phosphorous content is another one of kabuli chana health benefits that helps in the formation of strong bones and teeth and in general, is essential for metabolism to happen properly.

While you would not think so, you sourcing organic kabuli chana also offers kabuli chana benefits to the farmers who cultivate them. By directly buying it from the farmer, you eliminate the need for middlemen who take a part of the profit and thus help the farmers receive adequate compensation for their efforts.

Because of only natural pesticides and insecticides being used to grow the crops, organically grown chana is also more sustainable for the environment and protects the ecosystem and biodiversity already existent in the area.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Kabuli Chana and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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