Brown Rice Vs Red Rice. Which Is Better?- 24 Mantra Organic

Brown Rice Vs Red Rice. Which Is Better?- 24 Mantra Organic


Everything To Know About Red Rice And Brown Rice

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When we consider the debate between brown rice vs red rice, it’s almost neck to neck and could confuse you. If there is one thing you must know at the start, they are both healthy options.

If we set aside the comparison of brown rice vs red rice for a few minutes, we must pay more attention to their source. Since they are both slightly rustic variations of rice — it’s problematic to spot additives in them. To resolve this issue, ensure you pick up your stock from an organic vendor. These sources confirm they are free of pesticides and chemicals. It also gives a more robust flavour and better health benefits.

Understanding the two

If there is ever a debate between white rice and the other two, there is a clear winner. White rice is always considered to be the less healthy option between brown, white, and red.

However, there is also a dispute between brown rice vs red rice.

The use of brown rice is seen more commonly across India. But red rice is a staple in the state of Kerala. This rice is so prevalent over there that it is also called Kerala Rice at times.

Nutritional differences

Here is when the debate on brown rice vs red rice becomes interesting. Many rounds of research have shown that the nutritional content in both of these forms of rice is very similar. This result occurs since they are both harvested the same way. They are either de-hulled or partly-hulled to retain the parts packed with nutrition.

We can further break down this nutrition into the following categories:


As mentioned before, when we consider brown rice vs red rice, they are both rich in antioxidants. However, they have a few subtle differences.

The red rice has an antioxidant called Anthocyanin. This Anthocyanin is the reason the rice has that unique colour. Many lean towards red rice for this very robust composition.


If we are to consider the fibre composite of brown rice vs red rice, they are both on par with one another. However, the fibres in brown rice are more prominent and provide a better feeling of fullness when compared to red rice. This feeling is also true; considering brown rice can better absorb flavours.


In this domain, the red variety has the upper hand between brown rice vs red rice. The red rice has a substance called Monacolin K. This is the chemical also present in prescription medication given for cholesterol maintenance. The control of cholesterol can eventually help in better resistance to heart disease.

Health benefits:

Isolating the benefits of the two types of rice is tricky. They are both packed with nutrition and can help enhance lifestyles. They are both rich in Vitamin B6. This vitamin is needed in the body to maintain the red blood cells and balance the levels of serotonin in the brain.

The two also contain anti-inflammatory properties that help the body heal. This quality also makes it a good match for those who are battling asthma. The minerals like manganese and iron also make this rice more beneficial to the body.

Final verdict

In the debate on brown rice vs red rice, no one is a clear winner as both come with their own set of advantages. The truth is that each of them is a healthier option when compared to white rice.

Red rice is a little chewier, while brown rice has a slightly fibrous aftertaste. Try your hands on a small sample of both these, especially the organic variants, and make your switch. Ensure that you buy them from a reliable source to derive the maximum benefits from them.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s range of rice products and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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