Fun Facts About Oatmeal That You Didn’t Know

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In this chilly weather, a hot, smoky bowl of oatmeal seems like a perfect breakfast. There are some facts about oatmeal that will amaze you and inspire you to include it in your daily diet. Now here’s a spoiler! It makes your skin shine. To learn more, read our engaging article on oatmeal.


  1. Oatmeal is the perfect breakfast – Many studies have stated that oatmeal is the perfect breakfast because it reduces the hunger pangs and boosts the feeling of fullness which helps us to avoid junk eating at a frequent interval. In a way, it helps to keep our weight in check and also prevents obesity and cures eating disorders. When it comes to breakfast, oatmeal is ranked No. 1 by nutritionists from all over the world. A study by Nutrition Journal stated that people who ate oatmeal with zero sugar, and less milk were reported to have a healthy life no eating disorders.


  1. The best way to control your cholesterol – Several studies were conducted and all of them had the same conclusion that oats can reduce cholesterol and bring down the risk of cardiovascular diseases. People with high cholesterol have shown improvement once oatmeal was included in their diet chart. Oats can reduce 19 to 23 percent of cholesterol and also help to cure constipation and bowel disease.


  1. It is a natural beauty product – This is known to very few that an oatmeal bath can cure the skin of any unwanted spots or marks. One cup of finely ground oatmeal is mixed in bath water to smoothen the roughness of the skin that has been caused by sunburn, eczema or chickenpox. It also shields your skin from pollution and sunburn. The husk of the oat forms a layer on the skin while the skin can hold on to its moisture.


  1. The inspiration of drugs – Oats are used in many anti-itching ointments and also used in several cosmetic products because of their anti-itching properties.


  1. Brings down the risk of colon cancer – Scientists in England and Netherlands have found that people who include high fibre food items in their diet have low colorectal cancer rates. 2 million people participated in this study, and it was found that 10 grams of the fibre can reduce the risk by 10%.


  1. Maintains a low level of blood sugar – Oats are high in fibre and hence the sugar is slowly released in our bloodstream. People with high sugar should have less processed oats (steel cut oats) to get better results because they have more soluble fibre content than instant oats and also it will take longer to digest which will keep you fuller for a longer time.


  1. Strengthens the immune system – Oats consists of beta-glucan which is a unique fibre. This fibre helps the neutrophils to reach any spot of infection at a faster rate and boosts their capacity to eliminate the virus at a very initial stage.

One can cook various kinds of recipes with oatmeal and the best part is that one can enrich their health by consuming it in any form.

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