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rock salt good for health

Healthy benefits of Himalayan rock salt for Skin Transformation

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The Himalayan rock salt, popularly known as sendha namak is very popular among Indian households. It is widely consumed during auspicious festivities such as fasts due to its pure mountainous origins.

If you are wondering whether rock salt good for health, we have some amazing news for you! Not only is it amazingly beneficial for your body, but it also finds its place in the ancient Ayurveda system due to its various health benefiting properties and treating numerous ailments such as colds and coughs, as well as in aiding digestion and promoting skin health.

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The table salt that we use has primarily two elements, Sodium and chlorides. On the contrary, sendha namak is rich in trace minerals such as iron, zinc, nickel, cobalt, manganese, and copper that are essential for maintaining a healthy body.

This post will explore whether rock salt good for health and what are the rock salt benefits for your body.


Rock Salt Benefits

Rock salt is excellent in terms of health-enhancing properties. Due to the fact that rock salt good for health, fitness-oriented individuals have a special reserved for sendha namak in their everyday cooking regimes.

Although there are numerous salts available in the market the nutrient profile that rock salt provides is matched by just a few alternatives out there. Rock salt not only keeps you healthy but also helps in maintaining a flawless glowing skin, as well as assisting in weight loss.

Moreover, organically produced rock salt is healthier than its non-organic peers as organic products are guaranteed to be free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. They typically have a higher nutritional value as compared to their non-organic counter parts and play a crucial role in averting various health risks.

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If you are still wondering whether rock salt good for health, below are a few points that will help you in widening your perspective.


  • Helps in managing blood pressure: According to research published on NCBI, the potassium in rock salt helps in managing blood pressure and assists your body in maintaining a healthy heart. It has also been proven effective in alleviating hypertension in patients and helps your body in regulating its fluid balance. Moreover, a high potassium diet protects against physical ailments such as strokes and osteoporosis.


  • Aids in muscular cramps: Sendha namak is a rich source of electrolytes that are essential for maintaining a proper nerve and muscle function. In a report published on PubMed, it was concluded that electrolytes reduce muscles susceptibility to cramps. If you have recently started going to the gym, it is highly suggested that you include sendha namak in your everyday diet to alleviate those pesky muscular cramps that you may get in the beginning.


  • Helps in sore throat treatment: The American Cancer Society recommends gargling with salt water to cure a sore throat. In fact, it is more effective in preventing upper respiratory tract infections, as compared to flu vaccines or masks.


  • Keeps your skin healthy: One of the rock salt benefitsinclude skin health maintenance. Ancient Ayurvedic medicine studies have pointed out that rock salt can cleanse and strengthen skin tissue and also helps in treating a few types of dermatitis. Another study published on PubMed said that bathing in a mixture of water and magnesium reduces the skin’s redness and roughness, along with significantly improving the water levels of the skin.


  • Aids digestive system function: One of the reasons that rock salt good for health is its immense positive effects on the digestive system of your body. The Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga stated that rock salt can be very effective in the treatment of a number of digestive ailments such as stomach pain, constipation, vomiting, heartburn, etc. Indian’s have been using rock salt in lassi which is very effective in treating various digestive ailments and even prevents a few allergies.


  • Alleviates mood: According to studies published on the NCBI and PubMed, the Magnesium and Sodium present in rock salt are proven to be mood alleviators and help in reducing stress instantly. Just mix a tablespoon of rock salt in a bucket of warm water and start reaping the mood-enhancing benefits of Sodium and Magnesium instantly!


If you were wondering whether rock salt good for health, the above-mentioned points might have definitely cleared a lot of things for you.  Not only it is healthy, but the distinct flavour that rock salt possess has also found many takers globally. Research is already underway for analysing more health benefits of this ancient salt.

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Although rock salt good for health, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind before replacing your everyday table salt rock salt. Table salt is fortified with Iodine that complements brain development and also helps your body in maintaining a healthy gland function.

So, if you are looking to entirely replace common salt with rock salt in your diet, ensure that you take additional Iodine supplements to meet the Iodine RDA for your body.


Final Thoughts

The fact that rock salt good for health comes from numerous health benefitting properties that it possess. It is an excellent skin cleanser that can help you get that perfectly radiant, glowing and healthy skin. If you have been looking for solutions for any of the body ailments mentioned above, it’s time you go all out on natural means and include organic rock salt in your everyday diet.

Try 24 Mantra Organics’s Himalayan rock salt and taste the goodness of organic food!

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