Healthy Indian breakfast ideas with organic

Organic Food

Breakfast is one of the most significant meals that one can have during the day. But, most of the times, we are always at a loss for what to eat every morning. While cereals, bread, and rotis are most common at the Indian table, after a while it can become a boring morning routine that might lead us to form unhealthy food habits.

However, the market is filled with organic choices to make your life healthier by the day there is no reason for your imagination to stop. To make your mornings more interesting at the breakfast table with your family here are some organic breakfast ideas for you to relish on. Making healthy choices is the path to a better lifestyle and this is where you can make a start.

Healthy organic breakfast recipes to try

  1. Moong Dal Chilla– Moong dal, also known as split peas, make a great option for a healthy start to a great morning. The food item is rich in protein and packed with wholesome flavour. While one can create many dishes from this one food item, one great recipe for breakfast that can replace your normal rotis are Chillas or Indian pancakes. Also known as Pesarattu in South India, Moong Dal Chilla can be eaten with many fillings. Moong dal chillas can be made as thick as omelettes or wraps to make them more interesting.
  2. Oats Poha with Veggies– Poha is one of the most common foods of India especially in the north. Sautee oats with lightly sauteed onions, tomatoes, beans, peas and veggies of your liking, to bring out a better taste. If you like, you can also add in some boiled potatoes with peanuts and improvise the recipe. For toppings, add fresh coriander and a drizzle of lemon juice and you will have a perfect meal ready for your family at breakfast. A bowl of oats poha is great for those who want to lose weight or have a low dose of cholesterol without having to give up on taste.
  3. Apple Whole Wheat Pancake: When you are time-starved and always in a hurry, pancakes can come to your rescue. For added flavour and natural sweetness, add some grated organic apples to the recipe. This recipe is especially helpful and ideal for people who are allergic to eggs and toddlers who are still unable to bite a whole apple on their own.
  4. Banana and Oats Porridge: Another easy and quick recipe for the Indian breakfast table is porridge. But, why settle for simple porridge when you can make it interesting by adding fruits to it. This porridge recipe uses the sweetness of the banana and to make the taste more interesting you can also add dry fruits and coconut to it. This is a porridge that your toddler will absolutely love to their hearts’ content.

So these were some healthy Indian breakfast ideas that you can whip up quickly on busy mornings. All you need to keep everything going clean, fresh, and healthy are organic ingredients and you are ready to go.

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