Are You Aware Of These Awesome Benefits of Cloves?- 24 Mantra Organic

Are You Aware Of These Awesome Benefits of Cloves?- 24 Mantra Organic


Here Are the top boosting Benefits Of Cloves

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Cloves happen to be the tiniest members of your kitchen spice boxes. These are quite powerful in changing the flavour and the taste of the entire recipe at a go. Therefore, these are utilized in tiny amounts to get the perfect balanced taste and flavour.

However, just like any other Indian spice, cloves health benefits our body in numerous ways when one knows how to intake it. These benefits are a result of the nutritional value of cloves. It is a rich source of manganese which aids metabolism and regulates the sugar level in the body. Therefore, regular consumption of clove and its derivatives can do wonders for your health.

Nutritional Value of Cloves

Clove refers to the aromatic flower buds of a tree that is included in the family Myrtaceae. Generally, the essential oils present in the cloves are extracted to produce regular formulation to be used as medicine.

A little teaspoon of this spice remains loaded with fibre, Vitamin K and C. The presence of manganese helps to boost the memory retention power of the consumer as well. However, the presence of vitamins and minerals boosts your immunity and lowers the occurrence of blood clots.

One can add this spice directly to their hot beverages to boost immunity and get maximum cloves health benefits. It also has certain medicinal properties and stabilizes the blood sugar levels upon regular consumption.

The spice is originally from Indonesia, and the name is derived from the Latin word “clavus,” which signifies its resemblance with a nail. However, the benefits of cloves mainly come from the nutritional aspects of the same. Therefore, here is a table highlighting the different nutritional elements present in 3 grams of cloves for your reference:

Nutritional Ingredients Amount
Calories 4
Saturated Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0
Sodium 1 mg
Carbohydrate 1 g
Protein 0 g
Vitamin C 2%

Top Benefits of Cloves to Consider

Once you have understood the different nutritional content of cloves, here are some of the top benefits of cloves for you:

  • Fighting Diabetes

Nigericin is the major ingredient present in clove oil. The regular consumption of this oil helps the consumer to control the spread of diabetes. This specific compound is known to be effective in improving the insulin secretion in the body.

It also cures insulin tolerance in the body, thereby controlling the blood sugar levels in the patient. Hence, make sure to include this spice actively in your regular meals to control your diabetes.

  • Lowers Chances of Cancers

Cancerous cells spread throughout the organ pretty fast and hence is considered one of the deadliest diseases of all time. However, studies show that cloves effectively control the growth of the cancerous tumours and bring about the death of these cells with regular consumption.

That is possible due to Eugenol’s presence, which is an active element present in the cloves that potentially control the spread of these cancerous cells in the organ. The spice is also extremely rich in antioxidants, which can prevent many sorts of diseases in the body. These antioxidants control the inflammation of the human organs, thereby lowering cancers and other health conditions.

  • Boosts Digestion

Stomach ulcers and many other sorts of conditions might cause several tensions within the stomach walls, which ultimately leads to indigestion and chest burns. Due to such, many people often suffer from immense health problems and chest pains as well.

To lower such conditions, spices like cloves are extremely beneficial as it can increase the gastric lining thickness, potentially preventing the formation of stomach ulcers. However, to get the appropriate results within a few days, you also need to switch to a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • Good Respiratory Conditions

Respiratory conditions like asthma, cold, cough and even bronchitis are quite common health problems. One of the benefits of cloves is that clove oil is effective in treating such conditions without any potential side effects. As it remains overloaded with the antioxidants, it can cause inflammatory effects on the body. The clove oil works wonders with a sore throat and common cold problems.

  • Boost Blood Circulation

One of the essential benefits of cloves is that it aids blood circulation within the body. It can regulate body temperature and metabolism, which has a direct impact on the human circulatory system.

  • Dental Health Problems

Another common way to use clove oil is to promote good dental health. In many instances, you must have used clove oil for controlling the swelling of gums and other dental problems.

That is possible as the oil present in cloves can clear out the bacteria, thereby lowering the pain in the mouth. You can also crush and use the clove powder to get instant results if you are suffering from tremendous gum pains.

Final Verdict

The above section boldly highlights the different benefits of cloves that aren’t specifically meant for cooking purposes. You can use clove not only in your cooking but also for several other reasons.

However, to make the best of cloves health benefits, it is advisable to invest in the superior organic varieties available in the market. The organic cloves are free from any harmful chemicals, which offer you maximum benefits without any complications.

So, tell us, do you have more benefits of this spice to add to this list? If yes, then kindly comment below and share the information with the world.

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