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Clove Benefits For Health


How cloves benefit your health and overall wellbeing

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An Indian spice adds flavor while cooking, treats health conditions; the reasons are many why we love to keep a stack of cloves in our kitchen. For centuries, cloves have been used in both traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, and fight bacteria. Cloves equally stand along with ginger to double the health benefits. So read further to know the clove benefits on health and wellbeing.


  • Excellent remedy for toothache and dental pain – the fact that cloves are useful in treating tooth pain is scientifically proven. It is the analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties of cloves that treat dental pain and swelling. If you have any dental infections, you can also use clove-based gel or clove oil as it can ease discomfort from infections.
  • Clove benefits on balancing blood sugar – a study conducted among diabetic patients, it was found that patients who took 1-3 grams of clove for 30 days saw significant changes in the glucose, triglyceride, and LDL cholesterol levels. Health experts recommend using clove extract for improved glucose levels, thereby balancing the blood sugar levels.
  • Acne treatment – clove oil can be used for treating acne. The ‘eugenol’- a compound present in clove helps in treating acne and reducing redness and swelling. For better results, take a few drops of clove essential oil and dab it on your acne spots. You can also mix it with your cream to use it as a spot treatment.
  • Clove benefits on killing bacteria – cloves possess anti-microbial properties to skill the bacterial growth, including E-coli that causes food poisoning. The dental bacteria’s can also be killed with the help of cloves. For better results, you can try a herbal mouthwash that includes cloves, basil, and tea tree oil.
  • Clove benefits for liver health – the eugenol in cloves are known to improve liver functioning and promote optimal liver health. Clove oil, as such, or using eugenol mixed with clove oil can be used to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. But make the eugenol content is not overused, as it can cause side effects as well.
  • Improves bone health – weakened bone health can cause falls and fractures. To increase the bone mass and density, you can include cloves in your regular menu. This is because cloves contain an abundant amount of manganese that promotes bone growth and mineral density.
  • Clove benefits for stomach ulcers – for conditions like peptic ulcers or stomach ulcers, one can try using clove essential oil. Cloves help in the production of gastric mucus. More scientific results are required to have a conclusion on this, but the study was found successful in animals.


Clove has many health benefits, like controlling blood sugar levels and blocking bacterial growth. Though some of the benefits might sound strange and odd, this super spice is good to include in our daily diet. It brings in a warm, distinctive flavor, especially when used included in curries and chutneys.


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