Organic Food

Amidst all the hype about organic food, one question comes to all of our minds without doubt: how do I know its authentic organic produce? What if the farmer did use some chemicals during cultivation? We hear you, and understand how common these doubts are. After all, making a switch to organic is a big decision and you deserve to know that you are getting what you signed up for. So without further ado, let us tell you how you can be sure of the authenticity of the food you are buying.

Check for the Label

Different governments have different standards for certifying the authenticity of organic produce. But without any exception, almost all governments have some sort of certification system to check the quality of the organic produce. All food products available for retail in India are certified in accordance to standards set by ‘National Program for Organic Production’ display the ‘India Organic’ logo. So if you are buying food that carries this logo, you can be sure that it’s authentic organic produce. Still not convinced? We would be worried if you were. Let’s see what it takes to get the ‘India Organic’ certification.

Getting the ‘India Organic’ Certification

Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority of India has specified the guidelines under which organic certification is provided. For agricultural produce, following criteria must be met to use the ‘India Organic’ logo.

  1. Land must be converted for Organic Farming
  2. Everything added to the farm should be natural
  3. Genetically Modified inputs or irradiation is strictly forbidden
  4. Integrity of all physical, biological, and mechanical processes must be maintained
  5. There should be no contamination from nearby farms or any other sources
  6. Farm should follow sustainable practices

Proper field inspections are done to check if all the required criteria are satisfied or not before granting the certification. Inspection and certification process is carried out by accredited bodies registered under NPOP.

All 24 Mantras farming projects, products, and processing facilities have been certified for EC 834 / 2007 standards, US NOP and Indian NPOP organic standards. Most of the projects are certified by Control Union International, and Onecert. We are also a member of IFOAM and are registered with US FDA.

Explore 200+ tasty and nutritious ways in which 24 Mantra can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Choose organic, choose healthy!

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