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How Organic Whole-Wheat atta is better than its Organic Counterpart

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The organic vs. inorganic debate has been an ongoing one and in the subsequent sections, we shall look at the reasons why organic whole wheat atta is a better choice as compared to the regular variant. Before we enlist the benefits that are specifically offered by the organic version of the whole wheat atta, it is just to take a closer look at the methods of growing.

Firstly, if grown via organic methods, the atta is expected to have lesser pesticide content. Individuals must understand that organically grown atta is derived by finely milling the organically produced wheat grains which are also better, courtesy of the lower gluten content. Apart from that, the soft texture of this variant is definitely a show stealer in each and every regard.

Understanding the Value of Organic

Needless to say, organic cultivation of crops is slowly but steadily gaining precedence in the global community owing to its ecologically sustainable features. When it comes to growing organic whole wheat, farmers refrain from using toxic fertilizers which contaminate the surroundings, in more than one way.

Moreover, organic farming, especially the one involving whole wheat, make room for crop rotation and even inclusion of beneficial insects for improving the overall soil and crop quality. Besides that, instead of using synthetic insecticides and fertilizers, naturally occurring composting manure is used.

Is Organic Whole Wheat Atta Costlier?

As the cultivated quantity of organic whole wheat is on the lower side because of a more targeted and eco-friendly approach, the costs pertaining to the same also go up, quite considerably. However, credible firms like 24 Mantra Organic make sure that high-quality whole wheat atta can still be purchased at a highly competitive price. That being said, consumers need to understand that organic crops have lower yields and therefore the prices would always be higher as compared to the inorganic and regular counterparts.

Benefits of Organic Whole Wheat Atta

While the organic version of whole wheat atta is extremely superior in terms of quality, some of the other key benefits include zero inclusion of harmful chemicals or even pesticides. In addition to that, they are nutritionally superior and that too due to the higher antioxidant count.

Moreover, the taste associated with the organic version is also better. Apart from that, growing organic whole wheat atta is safer for the environment as the process is entirely sustainable and initiated while keeping health safety in mind.

Why should one go organic?

Although there are quite a few reasons to persist with organic whole wheat atta or almost any other organically grown product, some of the most prior ones include better taste and health benefits. Moreover, most of the organic products usually adhere to international quality standards. Last but not the least, there is no chemical intervention and the crops are free of artificial pesticides, insecticides, and even fertilizers.


There are quite a few benefits that make organic whole wheat atta superior to the inorganic variant. While the price of former might be on the higher side, the nutritional value and health benefits justify your organic purchase.

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