Everything you need to know about kabuli chana calories - 24 Mantra Organic

Everything you need to know about kabuli chana calories - 24 Mantra Organic


Kabuli Chana Calories And All You Need To Know

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Kabuli chana is white and very different from the desi version of chana which is darker brown. While both have several nutritive benefits, in this article, we will look specifically at kabuli chana calories.

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According to popular fitness tracker MyFitnessPal, one cup of boiled chickpeas, which is about 100 grams contains only 164 calories. This food is also classified as being ‘Heart Healthy’ and can be burned off easily, especially if you are trying to get started on a weight loss journey. These kabuli chana calories can be burned off with just 16 minutes of running!

More about kabuli chana calories

Now that we’ve talked about how many kabuli chana calories there are in one cup, let us go into a little more detail about what else is a part of this highly nutritive food.

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Kabuli chana nutrition includes 27 grams of carbohydrates. However, this is complex carbohydrates filled with starch. It takes longer for your body to break down this carbohydrate, and leaves you feeling full for longer, reducing the likelihood of you snacking between meals. The high fibre content of kabuli chana also helps with regulating your weight and is, therefore, an excellent source of nutrition to have in your diet.

Of the 100 grams, only two grams count as fat. Even if you are trying to lose weight, it is very important for you to not cut out any food groups and therefore, it is good to have some amount of fat in every meal. A few spoons of ghee or oil to gently toss your kabuli chana will add to your daily intake of fat and balance out the nutrition. While this will not count towards your kabuli chana calories, it is important for you to have a balanced meal.

Next up, 100 grams of kabuli chana has 9 grams of protein which is almost 10% of your required protein intake every day! This is great because protein is an absolutely essential building block in the body, and it helps you build stronger bones and teeth, repair damaged muscles, and maintain your fitness.

Another advantage to kabuli chana calories filling up a significant portion of your daily caloric intake is that it has a comparatively low glycemic index. This helps individuals with diabetes keep their blood sugar in check. The high starch content we discussed earlier also helps individuals regulate their blood pressure.


We hope these details on kabuli chana calories have been informative and helpful. You can use this ingredient in a whole host of meals from making curries like chana masala to go with phulkas or delicious kabuli chana chaat to eat in the evenings as a snack! Packed with so much nutrition, kabuli chana is an excellent source of energy that will also be a treat to the taste buds.

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Keep in mind that the best way for you to take advantage of all of the kabuli chana nutrition is by choosing the organic version wherever possible. Organic crops are grown with no chemical additives or harmful pesticides. These additives are known to cause cancer and avoiding them where possible is best for the health of you and your loved ones. Using only natural substances is also excellent for the ecosystem of the soil and the groundwater system as no pollutants enter them.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Kabuli Chana and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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