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Organic Green Tea Benefits


Organic green tea the best tea you can ever consume!

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Organic green tea is widely used as a weight-loss tea among the dieters. It helps in increased metabolism by burning the fat storage in the body at a faster rate. If asked about the healthiest beverage on this world, I would suggest an organic green tea. So let’s have a look into the preparation and benefits of organic green tea.


How to make organic green tea?


Ingredients required:

  • One teaspoon of fresh green tea leaves (1 teaspoon for 1 cup of tea)
  • A tea strainer
  • A cup
  • A stainless steel pot
  • A cup of water


Preparation method:

  • Take a stainless steel pot or pan and boil the water. Make sure the water isn’t boiling.
  • If it’s boiling, switch off the gas/stove and let it cool for a bit (30-45 seconds)
  • Now take the tea leaves in a strainer and place it over the mug or cup.
  • Pour the hot water into the cup and let the tea cool down for 3 minutes. If you don’t like the tea to be strong, you can take a sip with a spoon to see if the flavor is right for you.
  • If you want some sweetness, you can add one teaspoon honey. Stir the honey and allow the drink to cool for few seconds.
  • Your organic green tea is ready to drink.


Benefits of organic green tea:

  • Organic green tea as an immune booster – regular drinking organic green tea boosts your immune system and prevents diseases like cancer, heart disease, cholesterol levels, and arthritis.
  • Antimicrobial properties – the antimicrobial properties of green tea leaves help in protecting from fungal and bacterial infections like cold, flu, stomach infections, and indigestion problems.
  • Organic tea for weight loss – this is one of the prominent benefits of organic green tea. With the speedy burn up of excess fat from the body, organic green tea helps in weight loss. It is a zero-calorie drink that burns excess fat and increases metabolism.
  • Improves cognitive function – as we all know that tea can make us awake, the active ingredient- caffeine in green tea enhances the brain functions and elevates the mood levels, hence making you smarter and sharper.
  • Controls diabetes – organic green tea is known to reduce the blood sugar levels, thereby helping diabetic patients to manage their sugar levels.
  • Increased life expectancy – organic green tea drinkers are at a low risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, which could help you live longer.
  • Good for skin – the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of organic green tea enhances glowing skin. It helps to combat wrinkles and possible signs of aging.


That said, organic green tea is not just a beverage, but a healthy drink to prevent chronic diseases from attacking your body. Make it a habit of consuming organic foods and drinks, as they are enriched with the vital nutrients and minerals needed for your body.


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