Organic Sugar VS Natural Sugar

Organic Food

In today’s health-conscious world, people are constantly in search of healthier substitutes.

Sugar has been a source of worry to many. People are often trying to find a better replacement for white sugar.  As it can be quite difficult to completely stop consuming sugar that is why organic sugar is the way to go!
The wide range of benefits of organic sugar makes it the perfect alternative for refined or natural sugar.
Although there is no difference in the calorific value of organic or natural sugar, organic sugar does less damage to our body than refined sugar. Here’s why you should definitely choose organic sugar over natural sugar:

1) Organic Sugar is free from harmful chemicals
The organic certification means that no chemicals or toxins were used to modify the sugar we are consuming. Organic sugar is free from harmful pesticides and is certainly not made out of genetically modified sugarcane. Natural or refined sugar, on the other hand, can have harmful toxins and chemicals.

2) Organic sugar is more nutritional
The organic certification means the sugar has been regulated for quality and it is a superior product. The board tests the products for high nutrient content. Although the calorie count might be the same as natural sugar, organic sugar has many nutritive values.

3) Organic Sugar is better for the environment
Because no chemicals or toxins are present in organic sugar, it causes no harm to the groundwater. There is no cross-contamination and the natural environment surrounding these organic farms stays toxin free.

4) Organic sugar has better taste
Organic sugar comes fresh from its source minus all the tampering that refined sugar has to go through during processing. This leads to organic sugar being more flavorful minus the additives and preservatives. Contrary to the popular belief that, organic sugar has zero taste, it is actually quite rich in taste compared to natural and refined sugar.

5) Organic sugar goes against mono-cropping
The best part about consuming organic sugar is that it is not only beneficial for your body but it also helps the environment. Mono-cropping or planting a single type of plant in large areas of land leads to the risk of it being wiped out due to a single disease or bug. To kill these bugs chemicals and pesticides are used, which in turn harm the environment and lower the quality of the plants. Organic farming is strictly against mono-cropping which means it does zero harm to the environment.

In the recent years, the interest in organic sugar has increased exponentially because of the wide number of benefits. The shift to organic sugar is happening as people are gradually becoming concerned about the health hazards of eating processed and refined foods. It’s always wise to shift to organic sugar not only for the sake of your own health but also for the health of the environment!

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