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Points to Remember While Buying Vegetables


Points to Remember While Buying Vegetables

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Vegetables are a good source of micronutrients, dietary fibre and phytochemicals. Micronutrients, vitamins and minerals are needed for using macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein and fat) efficiently in the body. Dietary fibre has several health-promoting benefits and has been proven to reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Vegetables are powerhouses of phytochemicals or plant chemicals which have innumerable positive effects on our health.

While buying vegetables keep these points in mind

Green beans

While buying green beans by slender ones without blemishes. Not mature ones with large sized seeds. These are difficult to cook.


Look for firm heads and when taken in hand should feel heavy for the size of the head. The outer leaves should have good colour and should not be damaged. Check for any blemishes.


When choosing, look for firm, compact head with florets. See that the florets are not damaged or have any brown spots. The florets should be glossy white in colour and should not be yellow in colour, because if the florets are yellow in colour that means cauliflower is over-mature.


They should be firm to touch and slender. Don’t buy cucumbers which have blemishes. And if they are not green but turning yellow that means they are over mature.


Also called brinjal should be firm to touch and heavy for their size. The skin should be tight, shiny and deeply coloured with bright green stalks.


They should be bright orange in colour. Carrots should be firm, clean, without any blemishes. Carrots which still have their tops intact are the fresh ones.


Also called the ladies finger. They should be small to medium in size and slender. They should be free of blemishes and the end should snap easily and cleanly when you try to break it off. If the okra is too big and the end does not snap off easily that means they are over mature.


They should not have any sprouts and should be with dry skin on the outside. Onions should be firm and without any damage or dark spots.

Green leafy vegetables

The leaves should be tender and fresh. They should not have wilted leaves or limp stalks.

Salad greens

The leaves should be crisp and not wilted. There should not be decayed leaves or yellowish leaves.


They should be having a smooth and firm skin. They should not have any bruises or damage or any soft spots.


They should be firm and smooth. They should not have any sprouts or cracks or bruises. There should not be any green coloured patches on the potatoes.


The florets should be compact clusters and dark green in colour. Do not buy broccoli with yellowish florets.


They should not have any slimy parts on the surface and they should not have any dark spots or decayed parts.


Also called capsicum should have bright colour whether they are green, red or yellow. The pepper should be glossy, firm and well-formed. There should not be any soft spots and or bruises.


The green pods should be plump and well filled

Vegetable should be bought as fresh as possible.  Do not store for long. Make sure that you increase the frequency of buying vegetables. The trouble of getting fresh veggies is worth it!

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