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The Importance Of Balanced Diet


The Importance Of Balanced Diet

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The importance of balanced diet in each person’s case is determined by the individual’s age, gender, and body mass. It essentially means that all the food groups must make it to your meal and more importantly in the right portions. Different foods strengthen our bodies with different kinds of nutrition. This nutritional balance keeps our body running smoothly and regulates the various physiological functions. As the body needs essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrition to prevent diseases, minor ailments and avoid deficiencies; let’s throw some light on the importance of balanced diet and the list of mandatory food groups that should be consumed.

Mandatory food groups in your diet plan and the importance of balanced diet

  1. Fruits: All kinds of seasonal fruits are the key to a healthy body. They contain a lot of antioxidants which cleanses the body of free radicals. Nothing can be healthier than the daily consumption of fruits. Needless to say, they contain all the major minerals and even fibre, thus protecting the body against life-threatening diseases like cancer.
  2. Vegetables: The darker a vegetable is, the more beneficial it is for the body. Broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, capsicum and bell peppers are some of the vital veggies one cannot do without. They provide a powerful boost of nutrition to the body. Moreover, they are also lower in calories as compared to other foods and thus a wise addition to your well-balanced diet. Thus green leafy vegetables find their significance in the importance of balanced diet.
  3. Proteinaceous food and meat: Protein is a major food group, it does not just help in building muscles but also helps in brain development. The various kinds of meat like fish, chicken, lamb, turkey, and lentils, soybeans are great sources of protein for the body. Even nuts, beans and pulses are protein-rich foods that provide the body with a lot of energy to find their place in the  importance of balanced diet.
  4. Whole grains: Brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, cereals, brown bread, oatmeal, etc are some of the amazing grains which strengthen the body with adequate nutrition and necessary fiber content. Whole grains make up for another crucial part of the importance of balanced diet which prevents constipation and aids in digestion.
  5. Dairy products: Milk is rich in calcium and this favours the bone health and density. Dairy products like curd, cheese, butter also contain Vitamin D, which hold immense health benefits for the body and fight off various deficiencies. A calcium-rich diet is quite an important aspect of a well-balanced diet which can be derived from dairy products.
  6. Oils: A certain amount of fat in the diet is necessary as they burn and provide the body with the required energy to function properly and lead an energetic life. They also enhance the shine of our skin and hair.

Foods you should cut back on

  1. Carbohydrates & fats: While the consumption of food from every group is important, certain beverages should be ingested in moderation. Starchy and sugary foods should be taken in little portions as too much of it can give way to various diseases.
  2. Processed foods: Processed foods are also very unhealthy and one must try their best to stay away from those canned and tinned food items.

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