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Toor Dal: Nutritional & Health Benefits


Toor Dal: Nutritional & Health Benefits

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The Indian palate in most regions is incomplete without toor dal. And rightly so! The lip-smacking delicacies prepared using this particular variety of pulses goes well with rice as well as chapatis. Aside from its signature taste, the high nutritional and protein content in toor dal makes it an unmissable diet constituent of the Indian populous.

What Exactly is Toor Dal?

Toor dal, commonly known as arhar dal, is a part of the legume family that includes peas, beans, and lentils. It is also known as ‘pigeon peas’. It is an oval, yellow pulse that is widely used in Indian households as a staple food item.

Organic Toor Dal
Toor Dal

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In research published by the ICMR, it was said that with a glycemic index of 29, toor dal is perfectly suitable for diabetics. It is light on the stomach and aids the digestion process. You also feel fuller for longer as pulses take more time to be broken down in your body. Since toor dal also has a high folic acid content, it highly beneficial for pregnant women as it helps in the development of the fetus and helps in protection against birth defects.

Today, most of the staple food items that you consume are grown with the rampant use of pesticides or inorganic fertilisers, and toor dal is no exception. However, opting for organic toor dal can help you and your family from harmful pesticides that are used in the farming of inorganic toor dal. Studies have also shown that organic foods are more nutrient-rich and are comparatively rich in anti-oxidants.

Organic Toor Dal Benefits

Common consumers are still not aware of the adulterants that they are consuming with their food every day. According to a report published by the FSSAI,  toor dal is one of the most highly adulterated food items available in the market and causes numerous health issues if consumed regularly for a prolonged period.

Organic toor dal is free from additives and is grown using organic farming methods. Organically grown toor dal is eco-friendly and harvested by entirely relying on natural processes. It is chemical-free & GMO free, and uses a hand-milling method that helps in retaining the dal’s original texture and taste.

Not only organically grown toor dal benefits your health, but it also goes a long way in ensuring that you stay away from harmful chemicals and pesticides that can accumulate in your body and cause numerous health problems later.

Toor Dal Health Benefits

Pulses are one of the foremost food items to consider if you are on the lookout to include healthy foods in your diet. In research published by the Indian Council of Medical Research, it was proven that consuming toor dal on a regular basis helps in fighting anaemia, cancer, and keeping a check on obesity. The ethanol derived from raw toor dal can help in fighting inflammation and keeping a check on the cholesterol levels in your body.

Toor Dal Benefits
Toor Dal

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If you are a vegetarian, Toor Dal is one of the foremost protein sources that you can include in your diet. Besides, there are numerous health benefits that you can enjoy simply by consuming toor dal lentil every day in your lunch or dinner.

Let’s have a look at some of the specific health benefits that regular toor dal consumption can have on your body.

  • Toor Dal may help reduce weight: Toor dal has a high dietary fibre content that helps you remain satiated for longer. The fibre content also helps you in keeping a check on the cholesterol level in your body as the fibre binds to it and expels it out of your body. The research published by the Indian Council of Medical Research also proves that adults who consumed legumes had lower a BMI than their non-consuming counterparts.
  • Beneficial for your bone health: Toor dal is an excellent source of Phosphorus that aids in the building of strong bones and teeth. Phosphorus also helps in reducing kidney waste and helps in growing, maintaining and repairing body tissues. In addition, the Folic Acid in toor dal helps promote hair growth and protects against various types of cancer.


  • Helps in building immunity: The high Magnesium content in toor dal  helps in strengthening your immunity. Magnesium also helps in fighting depression and keeping your blood pressure in check. Moreover, the polyphenols and flavonoids present in tur dal are proven to protect against a host of other diseases as well, as concluded by the ICMR.


  • Keep your heart healthy: The Potassium, Magnesium, and Phosphorus content in toor dal keep your cardiovascular system healthy. It also helps in maintaining your cholesterol levels and defends against atherosclerosis. In addition, the ICMR report also concluded that the anti-oxidants present in toor dal prevents oxidative stress responsible for cardiovascular diseases.


  • Maintain a healthy metabolism rate: Vitamin B-complex in toor dal is an essential nutrient that keeps your metabolism rate in a healthy range. Besides, the Niacin in toor dal helps in maintaining healthy skin. The vitamins and minerals present in toor dal prevents blood sugar level spikes and promoting an overall healthy lifestyle.


  • An excellent source of protein: Proteins are the building blocks of the human body, and toor dal is an excellent protein source for vegetarians. The protein helps in building body tissues and muscles and helps in maintaining a healthy body. According to a study published by the ICAR, Toor dal is one of the foremost protein sources for vegans who cannot drink milk or other animal proteins.


  • Helps in relieving constipation: Toor Dal health benefits also result from a high fibre content that helps in relieving constipation. The fibre helps in ensuring a smooth bowel movement and defending against gastric problems with regular consumption. In fact, the ICMR research has also shown that consuming Arhar Dal on a regular basis can help diabetics in maintaining their blood sugar levels.

Toor Dal Nutrition Content

Toor Dal Lentil
Cooked toor dal lentil

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Toor dal is nutrient-rich and contains a host of nutrients that aid in building and maintaining a healthy body. Let’s have a look at the nutritional content in toor dal and the recommended daily allowance for a healthy adult.

100 grams of cooked toor dal nutrition value, as per fatsecret India:

              Nutrient Quantity Per 100 Gram of Toor Dal


187 Kcal

Total Fat


Saturated Fat



Monounsaturated Fat



Polyunsaturated Fat


























As is evident, toor dal is loaded with nutrients that can help you in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Moreover, in today’s on-the-go professional environment, the quick preparation method of the toor dal lentil can help busy professionals in ensuring that their daily nutrient requirements are met seamlessly.


Toor dal is one of the essential pulses that you can include in your diet. Not only it is immensely nutrient-rich, but it is a boon for the ever-expanding vegetarian community. It fits perfectly with any balanced diet plan and has numerous long-lasting health benefits for people of any age group.

Further research into identifying more health benefits of toor dal is already underway, but as of now, it is certain that it can prove to be immensely helpful in disease prevention, and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

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