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Ginger Benefits and Uses At Home


Top ginger benefits you never heard before

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Ginger is one of the unavoidable spices that you always keep a stock in the kitchen. The medicinal value of ginger is what makes it one of the most valued spices. Though the flavour of ginger is a bit hot, zesty and spicy, its aromatic nature is used in almost every Indian dishes. From an upset tummy to flu or cold, ginger can do the trick of its own. The active component of ginger – ‘Gingerol’ has antipyretic, antibacterial and sedative properties because of which it is used in Ayurvedic treatment for healthy recovery. This guide will take you through the amazing ginger benefits that you never knew before.


  • Aids healthy digestion and for treating upset tummy – one of the primary uses of ginger is its ability to soothe an upset stomach. The pungent root of ginger heals the gut and promotes the easy movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract. Hence, it reduces bloating and gas problems. Ginger is known to improve the digestive functioning of the body by alleviating constipation, acidity and vomiting.
  • Ginger benefits for nausea – almost 8 out of 10 pregnant women experience morning sickness and nausea during their pregnancy. If you are one among those, try including ginger root in your daily meals. You can also use ginger to get relief from dizziness and cold sweating.
  • Prevents common cold – change in the climatic conditions or being allergic to dust and smoke can cause common cold in many people. But don’t worry, you have this ginger to take care of the viruses that cause the common cold and other respiratory diseases associated with seasonal allergies. To get the best result, drink one cup of hot ginger tea. This helps to keep your body warm (especially during winter) and prevents the development of illnesses.
  • Ginger benefits for pain and inflammation – the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger is an excellent remedy for treating menstrual pain, muscle cramps, joint pain and pain associated with osteoarthritis. For women who suffer from menstrual pain, drinking a cup of hot ginger tea would do the magic.
  • Ginger benefits for cholesterol – experts reveal that ginger is good for lowering the bad cholesterol levels, which are known to increase the risk of heart disease. Include ginger in your daily menu to maintain a healthy cholesterol level.
  • Ginger benefits for strengthened immunity – ginger strengthens the immune system by killing the stomach bacteria causing bad cough and throat irritation. Including ginger in your daily menu can prevent the risk of stroke as well.
  • Improves blood circulation – regular consumption of ginger is known to improve blood circulation. This, in turn, prevents excessive sweating and alleviates symptoms linked to cardiovascular disease.
  • Ginger for weight loss – you can shed off that extra pounds from your body by including ginger in your regular meals. As it promotes dull appetite, you won’t have cravings for junk foods during your weight loss plan.


One little stem with so much of benefits – that’s what ginger is known for. Include ginger in your daily diet to reap the ginger benefits on health.


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