Exploring the benefits of honey and cinnamon for overall health - 24 Mantra Organic

Exploring the benefits of honey and cinnamon for overall health - 24 Mantra Organic


Ways in Which Honey and Cinnamon Can Benefit You

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Honey and cinnamon have earned a spot of popularity in the global domain as a cure for various health problems. Research has found that honey and cinnamon have been used since ancient times for various health reasons, apart from cultural reasons. There is no dearth of text to substantiate the benefits of honey and cinnamon on health.

If we take a look at the composition of honey, it consists of basic molecules of sugar such as fructose and glucose which are a source of energy for the body. Apart from this, honey also contains a number of amino acids, vitamins, calcium and iron.


Cinnamon, on the other hand, came to be used as a perfuming agent by the early Egyptians and only later came to be recognised as a preservative and treatment for conditions like cough and cold. According to the US department of agriculture, cinnamon consists of various components including magnesium, iron, phosphorous, iron and potassium.

Organically cultivated produce ensures that the health benefits of honey and cinnamon are reaped completely since they are produced without the interference of harmful chemicals and pesticides, which could cause damage to the body in the long run.

If the researchers are to be believed, a combination of honey and cinnamon can be promisingly beneficial for health. They are highly complementary in nature, which helps them manifest the following benefits for health.


Health Benefits Of Honey And Cinnamon: Truth Or Myth?


Excellent Remedy To Heal Wounds

Did you know that a combination of honey and cinnamon promotes healing of wounds in the body?

The chemical composition of the two makes them useful as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. The benefits of honey and cinnamon come from the hydrogen peroxide which is found in honey that effectively slows down the growth of bacteria and allows speedy healing of a wound. The addition of cinnamon in the form of oil mounts on the benefits of lending a helping hand, making the benefits of cinnamon honey useful for the purpose of healing.

A Superfood For Diabetics

One of the most marked benefits of cinnamon honey happens to be for those with diabetes. A combination of the two can be helpful in bringing down the levels of blood sugar with regular consumption. Honey proves to be a healthier option for those with diabetes as a substitute to refined sugar while cinnamon helps to moderate the levels of insulin sensitivity. However, the consumption of honey should be moderate without overdose.

A Promising Cure For Constipation

If you are suffering from gaseous formation in your body, consuming cinnamon can be of immense help. Due to its unique properties, it lends an antispasmodic effect on the body. On the other hand, honey is rich in several enzymes which can help in the process of digestion. This is one of the most useful benefits of cinnamon honey together. One can keep gaseous formations at bay and prevent instances of indigestion which in turn helps to avoid constipation in the body. Additionally, honey is also a potent source of potassium which can regulate the accumulation of acid in the body and help balance it. If you were looking for benefits of honey and cinnamon, this is one that you will find very useful in your routine.

Keep Your Skin Healthy

If you are looking for benefits of honey and cinnamon¸ you can also think about your skin. With a potent source of antibacterial properties, the benefits of honey and cinnamon help to fight off skin conditions such as secretion of excessive oil, the eruption of acne and presence of excessive dead skin cells. The best type of products to use for this purpose is the organic variety which helps you reap the maximum benefits of honey and cinnamon. The antimicrobial action of the two can help to reduce the occurrence of breakouts.

Loaded With Antioxidants

It is no surprise that our body needs a rich source of antioxidants to fight off basic health issues and remain healthy. Surprisingly, you can extract the benefits of honey and cinnamon further because they are rich in antioxidants, which can offer a desirable quality of well being for you and your family. Incidentally, honey is high in phenolic antioxidants which can be helpful in avoiding heart related diseases and fight the occurrence of free radicals in the body.


So, what is the best way to use the two together to get the maximum benefits of honey and cinnamon? The best and most ideal way to consume honey and cinnamon together is through your diet. A lot of problems in our body manifest as a result of what is happening inside it. Thus, if you wish to get these benefits of honey and cinnamon together, then it is a good idea to start consuming them. You can do this either in the form of a cinnamon and honey tea or make a paste with honey and cinnamon and simply slurp on it. For topical application, simply make a paste out of the two and apply it on the affected area.


Conclusion: Are The Benefits Of Honey And Cinnamon Worthy Of Attention? 

As can be seen from above, there is no end to the beneficial results of honey and cinnamon. They have been used since ancient times for various reasons before occupying the centre stage in culinary preparations. Today, the uses of honey and cinnamon are largely advocated for their health benefits. However, their flavours are delectable enough to merit choosing them for meal preparation as well. The organic variety of honey and cinnamon are most useful to gain complete benefits. Their cultivation offers a chance at sustainability to the farmers who work hard to plant them and harvest them.

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