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The major differences between brown and white rice - 24 Mantra Organic

The major differences between brown and white rice - 24 Mantra Organic

brown rice vs white rice calories

We Bet You Didn’t Know these Facts about Brown and White Rice

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Rice is a crucial part of the diet for many people all over the world, especially in Asian countries. After all, it’s a nutritious, tasty, and versatile ingredient that comes with a wide range of uses in varied dishes. Out of the many varieties of rice, the two that are the most commonly in use are white and brown rice.

Both types of rice come from the same grain. However, white rice undergoes more steps to get refined during processing, while brown rice is a kind of whole grain.

On that note, let’s get you informed about a few more facts about brown rice vs white rice calories, nutrients, health benefits, and more.

Brown rice vs white rice: main differences

All kinds of rice mostly have carbs, with very little protein and absolutely no fat. Understanding brown rice vs white rice calories difference will be easier when you know that brown rice has all parts of the grain. Brown rice has the carb-rich endosperm, the highly nutritious germ, and the fibrous bran.

On the other hand, white rice has the germ and bran removed, which happen to be the most nutritious parts of the grain. Thus, white rice has very few of the necessary nutrients. This is why brown rice is generally considered a healthier alternative to white rice in the brown rice vs white rice debate.

The nutritional component of brown rice vs white rice

As per the nutritional component, a cup of medium grain and cooked white rice of about 186 grams has:

On the other hand, a cup of long-grain, cooked brown rice of 202 grams has:

Both types of rice have iron, folate, and other minerals and vitamins. However, brown rice has more of those than white rice.

Brown rice vs white rice calories and nutrients: which rice is better for you?

Though brown rice is generally preferred over white rice, it mainly depends on the health conditions or goals of the individual. Here is a brief discussion on whether brown rice vs white rice calories and nutrients are better for you.

  • Kidney disease: Brown rice has more potassium and phosphorus than white rice, which isn’t good for people with kidney diseases.
  • Bowel disease, diarrhoea, and diverticulitis: Such patients need a low fibre diet, which makes white rice a better choice for them over brown rice.
  • Obesity, type-2 diabetes, and constipation: Brown rice has more fibre than white rice, which makes it the right choice if you suffer from any of the ailments mentioned above.
  • Weight loss: Eating brown rice helps in maintaining weight even when you consume it a bit more than your usual quantity.

The Bottom Line

So, now you have a clear idea about brown rice vs white rice calories and how each of these varieties can impact your health. Therefore, make the right choice and choose the type of rice that suits your condition. And also, opt for the organic variety of rice. They are 100% natural and eco-friendly. As they directly come from the farmers, they get better values as no middleman is there.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Brown Rice and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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