What Are The Different Ways Of Consuming Jaggery Powder?

What Are The Different Ways Of Consuming Jaggery Powder?

Jagger Powder Consuming

What Are The Different Ways Of Consuming Jaggery Powder?

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Jaggery powder is not just a sweetener to add in the dish, but also a nutritious sugar alternative that can be used to make various healthy meals.


Whether you are planning to lose weight or dealing with a viral cough, jaggery can be your best friend!!! One of the best natural medicines provided by Mother Nature, its health benefits are numerous. A common item in the Indian kitchen, it is not only highly nutritious but also works as a healthy snack. A natural sweetener, it is a go-to snack that you can keep handy.

Jaggery i.e. “Gur” in Hindi is basically unrefined sugar that is derived from raw sugarcane juice. Though gur can be derived from other sources such as coconut sap or date palm, the one from sugarcane juice is the most popular and commonly used.

Here are different ways to consume jaggery powder.

  1.       Jaggery with roasted gram:


Rich in Vitamins, Fibre and Proteins, roasted gram or chana tastes divine with a bite of jaggery. Easy to store, you can keep it close to you while working to fight those midday hunger pangs. The Potassium in jaggery and Proteins in roasted gram maintain healthy muscles and your calorie intake is low. They also boost dental health. We recommend you to choose 100% organic food that will enhance the taste as well as offer more nutrients.

  1.       Jaggery with peanuts – Chikki


Chikki is one of the most delicious snacks that has two ingredients we all love – jaggery and peanuts. Easy and simple to make, the combination of organic jaggery powder and organic peanuts are amazing. While peanuts have high Folic acid and Protein, jaggery powder is rich in Iron and Calcium that boost your immune system. The key is to consume in small amounts so you’d not suffer from constipation. 

  1.       Jaggery and turmeric to fight flu


 A bite of this had healing properties. One may heat a laddoo-sized jaggery slightly and add a pinch of turmeric to it. Roll it into small balls. Pop one every morning after your breakfast to boost your immune system. Turmeric and jaggery powder efficiently remove toxins from the body. The best part – you can use it all around the year.

  1.       Ghee and Jaggery


Looking to detox your body easily? Jaggery and Ghee are at your service. Confirmed by various qualified nutritionists, this is a powerful combination that flushes out toxins from the body and reduces acidity. 

One more way to consume organic jaggery powder is by adding a dollop of warm organic ghee on a roti, grate some jaggery and make a sweet roll. You can also mix the two, and have a bite after a heavy meal. It is the perfect dessert that aids digestion and keeps your calorie in control.

Try 24 Mantra Organic Jaggery Powder and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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