What Is Demerara Sugar, And What Benefits Or Uses Does It Offer? - 24 Mantra Organic

What Is Demerara Sugar, And What Benefits Or Uses Does It Offer? - 24 Mantra Organic


What is Demarara Sugar and How to Use it?

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Demerara sugar is a type of brown sugar that is marginally less refined and produced during the first pressing of sugarcane. It makes up 93% sucrose, while white sugar comprises 97-98% sucrose.

While picking any food items, it is advisable to prefer organic foods as it has higher nutritional value and better taste.

Demerara sugar got extracted originally from the sugarcane cultivated in the volcanic soil of the region. It has a peculiar flavour with a deep caramel-like touch to it.

What is demerara sugar? 


Here are some fundamental insights into understanding what is demerara sugar and relevant information about its nutritional value.

1. Made from sugarcane

We obtain demerara sugar from dehydrating the syrup of sugarcane. The process is similar to extracting white sugar, except that white sugar is made by purifying syrup from sugarcane.

2. A lack of vital minerals 

Mineral content in sugar is calculated by the ash level of molasses in sugar. Ash level in demerara sugar is under 0.45%, which represents that neither demerara sugar nor white sugar contains adequate minerals.

3. Partially refined or raw sugar 

The initial process of extracting demerara and white sugar are identical. However, demerara sugar is extracted from the raw sugar of the first pressing of cane.

It is not processed beyond this and thus helps in retaining the molasses and colour of sugar. The grain of demerara sugar is relatively massive than that of white sugar.

4. Rich flavour

Demerara sugar has an intense toffee flavour, making it a popular ingredient in cakes and pastries. Crystals of demerara sugar take longer to dissolve in the drink than white sugar.

Benefits and Uses


Check out these astonishing benefits of demerara sugar that you will notice if you replace white sugar with this healthy alternative.

  • Removes Dead Skin

Demerara sugar moisturizes the skin and doesn’t cause micro-tears. Even over-the-counter bought exfoliators dry out the skin, and if you do not moisturize the skin later, the skin becomes dry.

Demerara sugar contains glycolic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid, which accelerates and aids in skin regeneration. Applying demerara can be done once or twice a week.

Demerara reveals softer, younger-looking skin without shaving half of your skin off. You only require a small amount of demerara sugar to remove dead skin from your face.

  • Vitamins and Minerals 

Demerara sugar comprises molasses that contain calcium, vitamins B3, B5, iron and many other vitamins and minerals. These constituents can prevent many diseases, such as skin conditions, provided the consumption is adequate.

Demerara sugar contains less sucrose and retains specific nutrients that aid in processing the sugar. Because of this quality, you have better chances of preventing vitamin B depletion than white sugar.

  • Skin Moisturizer

Demerara has humectant properties, and thus, you can use it as a facial moisturizer or on the arms as well. The sugar keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated.

Moisturized skin can help deal with skin issues, such as itchiness. The most common cause of itchy skin is dryness.

Rub demerara gently on the skin until itchiness goes away. Ensure that there are no pieces of sugar left on your face.

  • Prevents Vitamin B Depletion

Consuming demerara sugarcane can help you retain most of the vitamins and minerals, such as potassium in your diet, which is wholly missing in white sugar.

Since demerara sugar retains a lot of vitamins and minerals, it wards off diseases and skin conditions, such as acne and epilepsy.

Dietary supplements can harm the body, such as to cause kidney and acne problems and thus must get replaced with healthy alternatives such as demerara.

  • Boosts Immunity

People prone to sickness and having skin conditions that do not heal must consume demerara sugar. You can use demerara many times a week as it does not exhibit any side effects.

With demerara sugar, you can stop injecting chemical shots into your body. It can help clear your acne while boosting immunity and keeping you healthy from the inside.

Demerara sugar can also boost your metabolism rate, and it does not affect the metabolization of calcium, unlike white sugar.

  • Reduces Inflammation

It is a common belief that taking an antihistamine is the only effective measure against inflammation, which can cause drowsiness. However, demerara sugar is a better alternative.

Demerara sugar is an all-natural substance that does not trigger bacterial growth in the body, unlike antihistamines, and can help with inflammation effectively.

You must practice the daily consumption of organic foods as they adhere to international standards of healthy meals. Organic farming safeguards the environment because of its eco-friendly cultivation practices.

Calorie Count and Effect on Diabetes


In a single teaspoon (4g) of demerara sugar, there are roughly 16 calories, which is the exact amount of calories present in a single teaspoon of white sugar. Thus, demerara sugar should not be confused with being a food substance to incorporate in a calorie-deficit diet.

While demerara sugar is healthier than white sugar in terms of vitamins and minerals, it still retains the same calorie count and exhibits common properties as white sugar.

Diabetic patients must not intake sugar, as it can have the same effect on blood sugar levels as white sugar.

Ways To Use Demerara Sugar

You can use Demerara sugar in coffee or tea as a substitute sweetener in place of white sugar. Demerara sugar leaves a little toffee-like flavour in your hot beverages.

Since it has a crunchy texture, you can also use it for sprinkling on desserts, fruits as-well-as cereal. You can also use demerara to prepare a topping for baked goods to render a crunchy texture.

Health-conscious people mostly use demerara sugar for baking recipes. Since demerara sugar renders a crunchy texture, most people apply it as a topping on biscuits or cakes and even for crumbles.

Final Words

Demerara sugar overall is a healthier substitute for regular white sugar. It offers several benefits, and its toffee flavour makes it a splendid choice for baked goods and hot drinks.

However, despite demerara sugar being healthful, it is best to consume it in moderation as it still exhibits many characteristics of regular sugar.

Regular consumption of organic food can protect your children and family from cancer-inducing pesticides.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Brown Sugar and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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