What is the difference between Organic Food and Non-Organic Food?

Organic Food

Go to any science and nutrition journal, and one of the most debated topics you’ll find over there is organic versus non-organic. While a lot of researchers pledge by the statistics proving that organic is far better, there’s no dearth of scientists opposing these stats either. The reason for this is fairly simple – wide scale commercialization of organic food industry is still in its nascent stages and establishing the validity of such a drastic claim takes decades. However, some differences between the two types of foods are as clear as it can get. Read on to find out:

  1. Method of Farming

Organic farmers don’t use toxic, persistent pesticides and fertilizers which are known to contaminate soil, air, water, and the food. While non-organic farmers rely heavily on these chemicals to eliminate pests and diseases, organic farmers choose practices such as crop rotation, deploying beneficial insects, using locally honed methods, and adding composted manure and plant wastes to the soil.

  1. Chemical Residue

One of the main benefits of the difference in farming methods is that residue of harmful chemicals like cadmium is far lesser in organic foods as compared to non-organic.

  1. Sustainability

Organic farming practices nurture as opposed to exploiting the nature; which in the long run is beneficial not just for us, but for the future generations as well.

As more and more research findings surface, the differences between the two types of food will become more evident. For now, one thing is clear: organic foods offer a blessed relief from artificially enhanced and chemically grown produce and are good for the environment.

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