Organic Food

In light of the detrimental effects of adulterated food items, organic food products have risen like a ray of hope for the community. Organically raised crops are not exposed to the spraying of insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and other damaging chemicals. Even the livestock that are reared via organic practices do not contain industrial additives. Hence, organic food products should be an intrinsic part of your daily diet for your overall well-being. However one must possess the distinct knowledge of which organic products are cent percent authentic and truly up to the safety standards.


Many companies are pulling off a deep scam by selling their products as organic and not retaining even 70% of the organic ingredients. Thus the public should be alert about which food products are truly organic and which ones only claim to be organic. Organic products are segmented according to the USDA regulations and the seal is granted according to the organic composition in the products. There are chiefly four categories of organic labels for products.

  • 100% Organic: As the name implies the product is devoid of anything that is not organic. Both the process of composition and the ingredients used are organic. Thus people looking for absolutely organic products must find this label before purchasing.
  • Organic: The method of production is organic and at least 95% of the ingredients are organic. These products constitute a majority of the organic items sold in the market.
  • Made with Organic Ingredients: These products contain 70-95% of organic ingredients in their products.
  • Products retaining less than 70% Organic Ingredients: Certain products are not stipulated with the above-mentioned seals and yet appear in the organic section. This implies that they retain less than 70% of organic matter and can hardly be recognized as organic.

Thus the public can clearly determine by examining the USDA seal and specification as to which products are 100% organic and which ones retain inorganic components.


There is no dearth of organic alternatives in today’s time be it in food or cosmetic or pharmacy. So it is advisable to look for organic replacements when it comes to the products we use routinely.

Cosmetics such as Kohl and hair dyes contain heavy amounts of lead. Repeated exposure to heavy metals like lead cause neurological disorders in the long term. Similarly, all the fairness creams contain substantial amounts of mercury that assist in lightening skin colour. Even lipsticks contain unacceptable amounts of chromium. All these metals can become the root cause of dermatological problems and other physiological malfunctions. Thus the conventional skincare and cosmetic products can be supplanted by organic body care products if one is really intent on building a proper skincare regimen.

Food items ranging from vegetables to meat to dairy products are more nutritious and beneficial for health when consumed in the form of organic produce. Inorganically processed foods often lose the essential vitamins and proteins during the manufacture. Thus buying local organic veggies and other food items will give us the required nourishment.

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