What You Should Know About Diabetes and Beans

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Almost everyone today knows about the danger of diabetes. With the changing lifestyle, the risk of getting diabetes is also on the rise. A lot of people are getting affected by this condition across all age groups.

We are constantly on the lookout for signs and symptoms to prevent it in case there is a family history. Or if we are already affected by the disease, we make strict lifestyle changes to keep it under control. Among the major changes is the change in the diet, of course.

Although there is a lot of awareness about diabetes, there are some things that are not common knowledge. For example, did you know that beans are diabetes ‘superfood’? They are a perfect choice for diabetics as they come with a wide range of nutritional and health benefits. The American Diabetes Association has advised people with diabetes to include beans in their meals.

  1. Beans are low on the glycemic index, which means that they help manage blood sugar levels and do not adversely affect them.
  2. They also contain protein and fibre which makes them an important addition to every meal. Due to their high protein content, they are a good alternative to meat. Half a cup of beans provides the protein equivalent of one ounce of meat, without saturated fat, which makes them a healthy substitute.
  3. The calorie count of beans is low. It is, therefore, a harmless way to add protein to the diet.
  4. All types of beans come with these benefits: kidney, pinto, navy, and black beans are full of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, folate, potassium, etc.

Due to all these health benefits, beans are indeed a ‘superfood’ for people with diabetes. The high protein and fibre, low fat, and low glycemic index rating make them extremely good for diabetics. They help control blood sugar levels and consequently, keep the disease itself under control.

Since they are a very versatile food, the best way to incorporate them into your diet is to buy them raw and cook them the way you want. Side effects such as bloating or gas can be reduced by soaking them for eight to twelve hours before using them and then rinsing thoroughly.

Make sure you buy the best quality beans. It would be even healthier if you go for the organic variety since it is devoid of chemical residues from fertilizers and pesticides.

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