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White rice vs brown rice nutrition


Nutritional Face Off: White Rice V/S Brown Rice

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White rice is nothing but the most refined and processed form of brown rice. When the outer layer or the bran is removed from the brown rice it becomes white rice. As the bran is sifted out, the leftover grain i.e. white rice not only losses the brown tinge but also a lot of other nutrients.

So here’s a detailed comparison on white rice vs brown rice nutrition

• White rice has 4 times less fibre than brown rice –

Being low in fibre indicates that white rice has a higher Glycemic Index (GI). Therefore, white rice is digested quickly; resulting in a higher and faster rise of glucose in the blood which means your risks of type 2 diabetes and weight gain are increased. As per a study by the Harvard School of Public Health on white rice vs brown rice nutrition, consuming brown rice at least 2 times or more in a week lowers the risk of diabetes by 11%. Also, brown rice is comparatively more effective in lowering cholesterol and the risk of heart-related diseases.

• White rice has 4 times less magnesium than brown rice –

Magnesium is required by the body to metabolize the usage of calcium. Hence, brown rice is considered better in terms of bone health and muscle & nerve control.

• White rice has 2 times less manganese than brown rice –

Eating brown rice satisfies almost 80% of our daily requirement of manganese. Manganese is a mineral vital for the body that facilitates the absorption of nutrients into the body. Hence the white rice vs brown rice nutrition facts state that brown rice also regulates our metabolism and hence the sugar levels. Plus, it has great tissue binding or connectivity properties; therefore, it’s essential for the proper healing of wounds.

• White rice has less protein than brown rice –

Proteins are the building blocks of the body. Our body needs 46 to 56 grams of protein per day and every cup of brown rice offers us at least 5 grams of protein. Brown rice definitely wins this round of white rice vs brown rice nutrition.

• White rice has very less selenium than brown rice –

Selenium not only has antioxidant properties but is also important for the production of thyroid hormones.

• White rice is rich in folate –

Folic acid is responsible for formulating the DNA and making the gene related material. Hence, white rice is more beneficial for pregnant women.

• Brown rice contains high levels of phytic acid –

People who suffer from the deficiency of iron, calcium, zinc, etc. should regulate their intake of brown rice. The phytates in brown rice hinder the body’s ability to absorb the above-mentioned nutrients.

• Brown rice has more calories –

A cup of white rice contains 205 units of calories while a cup of brown contains 248.

In conclusion to the white rice vs brown rice nutrition facts, the intake of brown rice depends a lot on your current health status. But to get the maximum health benefits of brown rice, always opt for the organic version. With 24 Mantra, you get the guarantee of naturally grown cereals that are absolutely chemical-free. To order one of the best organic brown rice available in India, click here now: http://www.24mantra.com/store-locator/

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