10 Benefits of Using Flaxseed on Skin and Hair

10 Benefits of Using Flaxseed on Skin and Hair


10 Benefits of Using Flaxseed on Skin and Hair

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Although flax seeds have been grown as a crop for years, only now, with health becoming a priority, have flaxseeds gained popularity.

Flaxseeds are full of nutritious elements and provide healthy fats, vitamins and energy. Including flaxseeds into a regular diet is one of the best ways to stave off numerous severe diseases like heart failure, hypertension, and obesity.

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Some of the Flaxseed Benefits for Skin and Hair

Omega 3 fatty acids have been proven to have innumerable health benefits, especially concerning heart health. These fatty acids are abundant in fish like mackerel, salmon, or sardines which are only consumed by non-vegetarians.

For vegetarians, the best bet of consuming a high volume of omega 3 fatty acids is flaxseeds. Almost all flaxseed benefits for skin can be traced to the existence of Omega 3 fatty acids.

The 10 best uses of flaxseeds for skin and hair are mentioned here,

  • Healthy Body, Healthy Skin

You are what you eat. Flaxseeds are chockful of nutrition. The anti-inflammatory properties of flax seeds help in reducing the issues caused by severe illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, asthma, and even heart problems. Only if the body is healthy internally, the skin will feel healthy and supple.

  • Glowing Skin

Flax seeds have a high concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are good for the heart and reduce the chances of heart diseases from occurring. Flax seeds are the highest plant-based source of omega 3 fatty acids. These acids help in preventing the skin from getting dry.

  • Anti-Ageing Components

Flax seeds contain lignans and antioxidants that help in the prevention of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Also, the fatty acids in flax seeds help in keeping the skin moisturised and smooth. The inherent quality of the flax seeds also helps in keeping the skin tight and lessen sagging with age.

  • Reduces Allergies

Boils or rashes, whenever they occur, are always uncomfortable. Flaxseeds help in keeping the cell membranes in the body healthy. The membranes aid the essential nutrients to circulate in the body and prevent the passage of harmful elements that cause rashes. Consuming flaxseeds regularly benefits the skin.

  • Acne-Deterrent

Flaxseeds can balance out the estrogen in the body, which helps in reducing the breakout of acne. Another cause of acne is the secretion of excess oils on the face. Sebum production is regulated by flaxseeds which prevent acne.

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  • Rejuvenating the Skin

Other than consuming flaxseeds, you can gain flaxseed benefits for your skin by incorporating it into face packs. A granular powder of flaxseed mixed into any liquid base can work as an excellent exfoliator and remove dead skin and blackheads from the face. Flax seeds help in tightening the pores in the face and prevents dirt from settling in.

  • Repairs Hair Damage

Vitamin E is essential for hair health. Many hair products in the market are enhanced with added vitamin E for minimising hair damage. Flaxseed benefits for skin and hair include preventing damage caused by free radicals in the air and strengthening the roots which reduce hair fall.

  • Prevents Dandruff

Flaxseed benefits for skin and hair do not stop at only preventing hair fall and damage. Many times, due to dry skin, the scalp falls victim to eczema and dandruff. The oils in flaxseeds help in keeping the moisture in the scalp and roots intact, preventing the formation of dandruff and hair dryness.

  • Managing Weight

Flaxseeds have a high proportion of healthy fats and proteins that fill you up without giving cause for snacking between meals. Obesity has been linked to many skin problems caused by the existence of excess fatty tissues in the body.

  • Healthy Teeth

Along with skin and hair, teeth also play a huge role in presenting a good appearance. Flaxseeds are nutritious with good amounts of calcium, magnesium, zinc and other minerals which are essential for healthy teeth. The granular particles of flaxseeds when chewed, also help in scrubbing the surface of the teeth of plaque and other germs.

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3 Quick DIYs for Flaxseeds Benefits for Skin and Hair

Other than consuming flaxseeds as part of the normal diet for health, they can also be used to create DIY solutions that will help in improving skin and hair health.

Here are 3 quick DIY recipes to get flaxseed benefits for skin and hair,

  • Pore-Tightening Gel

Mix flaxseed powder with water to form a gel. Apply the gel on face and problem areas and leave it to dry for least 15 minutes. Once it dries, wash it off with water and pat dry. The skin on your face will be tight and firm. The flaxseeds work in reducing the size of open pores on the face by reducing the secretion of excess oils.

  • Flaxseeds Hair Mask

Mix flaxseeds with warm coconut oil and apply on hair starting from the root to the tip. Also, use the oil on the scalp. Leave the oil in for at least 30 minutes before washing it off as usual. The coconut oil and flaxseeds mixture are perfect for maintaining moisture in the hair and preventing excessive hair loss.

  • Flaxseeds Hair Gel

Mix flaxseeds with water and boil it for a few minutes. Keep stirring till the water gets a gel-like consistency. Sieve the mixture and separate the seeds to use in any recipes. Store the flaxseed gel in an airtight container. Apply on hair regularly for healthy hair. The gel does not dry off and retains moisture in the hair.

Try out these DIY’s and see the flaxseed benefits on skin and hair. However, if you plan to include flaxseeds into your diet, consider consulting a licensed nutritionist to rule out any allergic reactions.


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