Fantastic ways to prepare veggie snacks for kids - 24 Mantra Organic

Fantastic ways to prepare veggie snacks for kids - 24 Mantra Organic

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4 Amazing Veggie Snacks For Your Little Ones

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It is quite a struggle to get your kids to consume good fruits and vegetables throughout the day. It is high time that you must say goodbye to chemicals in your diet and make healthy choices now. To get the taste of health and nutrition, choose organic fruits and vegetables for the family.

And if you are worried about your kids not liking the vegetables in their diet, you need to think again. There are multiple ways to prepare veggie snacks for kids.

Incorporating vegetables in the diet doesn’t mean that it has to be bland or tasteless for the kids. Instead, here are some fantastic ways to prepare these snacks without cutting down the taste of the same:

1.  Rainbow Salad

One of the best colourful veggie snacks for kids is the rainbow salad. Get as many vegetables as you want to use the dough cutters to cut these into different shapes. Right from carrots to broccoli and tomatoes, you can put any vegetables on this plate for your kids.

Get all the seven colours as much as possible and create the rainbow salad for your child. You will be amazed to see the kids loving this creativity of yours and eating so many vegetables at one go.

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2.  Corn Cutlet

The kids highly favour corn cutlets. These are great options for both breakfast as well as evening snacks. And the best thing about such veggie snacks for kids is that it doesn’t require much time.

Mash some boiled potatoes, add corn, coriander, red chilli powder, ginger paste, salt, and spice powder. Get some bread crumbs and mix them with the entire mixture.

Prepare the dough and divide the mixture into equally sized balls. Flatten them and fry them in an air fryer. Your healthy evening snacks with veggies are ready.

3.  Eggless Pancakes With Vegetables

Pancakes are fun and interesting ways to get some vegetables for your kids. It is one of the popular veggie snacks for kidsavailable in the market. You can use whole wheat flour to make these fluffy and tasty pancakes. These are easiest to prepare and can even be prepared with lots of healthy vegetables.

Melt some butter and warm some milk. Mix it thoroughly well while it is still hot. Get ready to add some sugar and let it come down to room temperature.  Mix every ingredient well and let the mixture be slightly warm or at room temperature.

Once done, make sure to add the flour and mix it well till all the lumps dissolve appropriately. You can also add baking and cinnamon powder and vanilla extract as well to the mixture. Add a little amount of salt to balance the taste.

Once the batter is ready, you can mix some boiled vegetables and the mixture to make it fulfilling and healthy. Heat a pan and pour the batter. Let it spread on its own and cook on a medium flame. Once it is ready, serve it with sauces or syrup as per your child’s taste.

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4.  English Fruity Muffins: Delicious Veggie Snacks For Kids

Get hold of a whole-grain English muffin. These are quite tasty and healthy, as well. Get some ricotta cheese and sprinkle the pomegranate seeds and some freshly cut cucumbers on it. Drizzle some honey on it, and the freshly prepared delicious snack is ready for the kids.

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Final Thoughts

The article highlights some of the easy-to-prepare veggie snacks for kids. You can even help your kids to participate in preparing their snacks. It helps them to learn essential life skills while they get some extra bonding time with you.

However, reduce health risks with organic purity. Invest in organic vegetables, which can help you to get maximum nutrients properly. These are profitable as they protect children and your family members from cancer, causing pesticides. Choose wisely and get ready to prepare some lip-smacking snacks for your kids now!


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