5 Reasons Why Poha Can Help You Loose Weight And Keep You Fit

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If you are trying to lose weight and stay fit, then look no further than the white beaten rice commonly called poha. Poha is good for weight loss and makes for a sumptuous breakfast or brunch. It is prepared in several ways and is packed with the goodness of carbohydrates, iron, fibre, and essential vitamins.

Poha is an extremely popular dish that has several names – in Chennai, it is known as aval, avalakki in Karnataka, chuda in Orissa. The popularity of this dish across India is because of various health benefits. Poha is good for weight loss since it is easily digestible, is a relatively cheaper meal, and is prepared by adding vegetables. Poha for weight loss helps in fighting the difficult battle of the bulge.

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Before we dive deeper into why poha is good for weight loss, let’s look at some of the ways poha is prepared and served across India and its nutritional facts.

  • In Uttar Pradesh and other parts of North India, poha is served with jalebis on the side and bhujia as a garnish.
  • In Maharashtra, it is made by adding potatoes and green chutney and a generous amount of sev on top.
  • Poha can also be eaten as cutlets, but that isn’t a healthy way of serving, especially if you plan to eat poha for weight loss.
  • In Maharashtra, there is also misal poha, in which the pav of misal pav is replaced with poha. In the capital city of Mumbai, Kanda poha is served, which is nothing but poha made with Kanda, also known as onions in English.

Here is an overview of the total calories in most of these preparations of poha:

Nutrition Facts
Serving size 379g
Amount per serving
Calories from fat 112
%Daily values
Total Fat 12.5g 19%
Saturated Fat 4.0g 20%
Trans Fat 0.0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 1288mmg 54%
Potassium 738 mg 21%
Total Carbohydrate 63.3g 21%
Dietary Fiber 10g 40%
Sugars 21.8g 0%
Protein 9.5g 0%
Vitamin A 115%
Iron 28%
Calcium 5%
Vitamin C 115%
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie need

Image source: Cubes N Julienness

Poha Is Good For Weight Loss: Here’s Why

Poha is a wholesome meal and is recommended to people suffering from heart and skin problems as well as diabetes [1]. Poha is good for weight loss since it is rich in protein and can be made by adding sprouted legumes and peanuts. Here are our top 5 reasons why poha is good for weight loss and why you should add it in your daily diet:

Good Probiotic

Poha is a known probiotic food since it is prepared by parboiling paddy and then sun drying it. Once the paddy is dried, it is beaten flat to make it into poha. Since it undergoes fermentation, it preserves the microbial flora, making poha good for weight loss and overall gut health.

Controls Sugar Levels

Poha is good for weight loss since it is rich in fibre, which helps in controlling and maintaining blood sugar levels. It slowly releases sugar into the bloodstream, making it an excellent meal for diabetics who cannot eat plain rice.

Source of Healthy Carbs

Poha contains around 76.9% of carbohydrates and is popular breakfast food. It provides the required energy to the body to do everyday chores. Despite being low in calories, poha is good for weight loss since it makes for a hearty meal.

Easily digestible

Poha is effortlessly digested and is considered a light food. It is rich in fibre and makes your stomach feel full for a long time. It, therefore, aids in weight loss and can be consumed as an evening snack.

Rich in iron

Poha is rich in iron and essential vitamins. It can be served with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to absorb the iron better and make it healthier.


Poha is good for weight loss and is preferred by many people on their mission to lead a healthy lifestyle. That’s because poha can be prepared in several ways and is both tasty and healthy. Those on a diet can eat it as an evening snack or a tasty breakfast food without losing out on its benefits. Even though many brands have started promoting oats, quinoa, and other whole grains as ‘healthy and nutritious’, poha remains the king of breakfast not only for its countless benefits but also because of its cost-effectiveness.





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