Are millets good for health? These reasons will make you go for it

Are millets good for health? These reasons will make you go for it

millet good for health

Are Millets Good For Health? These Reasons Will Make You Go For It

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Studies have shown that millets are good for health in many ways such as for treating insomnia, diabetics, digestive health, and balancing blood sugar. 


Millets are coarse grains that contain a string of nutritional value and are rich in Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, and Fibers. Millets come in different forms, shapes, and sizes such as:

  • Foxtail millet
  • Finger millet
  • Pearl millet
  1. Foxtail millet – foxtail millet contains blood sugar balancing healthy carbohydrates that strengthen your immune system. It helps regulate your blood cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol levels (HDL) in your body.
  2. Finger millet – finger millet, popularly known as ragi in India, is taken by children and adults. Ragi is a healthy substitute for rice, taken by diabetes patients as a part of their daily diet. It keeps you stronger and aids in brain development in growing children. 
  3. Pearl millet – pearl millet contains Calcium and Magnesium, Protein, Iron, and Fiber which when taken regularly can be beneficial for your health in fighting against Type II diabetes. 

Is millet good for health? Yes, definitely, but which type of millet? Well, each type of millet has its health benefits, and contributes to your well being in their own individual way. 

In general, following are the health benefits of millets:

  • Pearl millet is good for insomnia – pearl millet consists of a rich source of iron which is vital in the growth and development of a healthy immune system. Breakfast with pearl millet protects you from a stress-free day without headaches. 
  • Kodo millet for diabetes – kodo millet is great for diabetics people as it helps control diabetes. 
  • Sorghum millet benefits for cancer and digestive health – sorghum is known to prevent cancer and control diabetes with its effective nutrients. 
  • Finger millet benefits for bone strength – finger millet has a rich source of natural calcium that is good to build bone strength. Adults and growing children can include finger millet in their daily diet to recover from anemia as well. 

Bottom line:

Millet as coarse grain has numerous health benefits and the benefits of organic millets are double that of normal millets. Its nutty taste and versatility make it worth buying.

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